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  1. I earned mine in 1963. Back in the dark ages.
  2. As someone who TOs quite often I would like to add my two cents. As A TO I do my best to be fair and make the right calls. But I am human, and I make mistakes sometimes. I also feel that if the people I am TOing for wish it, I am happy to pass the timer to who ever wants it. If SASS or a club is going to penalize the TO for a bad call then they needs to hire professional TOs.
  3. SASS Alias: Manassas Jack SASS # 62087 From: Houston, TX. How Long? 14 Years
  4. SASS Alias: Manassas Jack SASS #: 62087 Where you are from: TEXAS How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 14 years
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