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  1. No it’s a content platform owned by Dan Bongino and other conservatives
  2. Ammo Inc dropped 28% today. The own Gunbroker and make ammunition.
  3. Now if they can get rid of the brace mess. Another item that was perfectly fine then a decision that forced you to remove it, or NFA the gun.
  4. For sale Skinner ghost ring sight for Marlin 1894 $49 shipped.
  5. SPF a like new Triple K leather cartridge belt about 42” tip to middle hole. 25 38 caliber loops. $39 plus shipping
  6. Found one Anyone have a spare PGW action spring torsion bar? I’m in need of one. PGW did put extras in the kits.
  7. SPF two (one left, one right) Triple K Cheyanne 115-15 leather holsters $99 plus shipping.
  8. The unintended consequences of tossing out those who chose not to take the vaccine.
  9. The State Champion buckles were terrific. Congrats to my wife Bdoc LGF. I hope they continue to recognize State Champion catigory winners with these awesome buckles.
  10. We pick what stays on the platforms, everything else falls on a tarp below. Scouts pour it into buckets and auction it off at the end.
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