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  1. I'm with Alpo. Riot gear, beat the hell out of them for resisting, then zap the piss out of them, then overtighten the handcuffs, then straight to a full strip search, then lock them up, then call the parents (if applicable). This whole "they're children" crap has gotten out of hand. See it on the news every day...Newscaster - "Three children were arrested today and charged with aggravated assault on an elderly man....", then they show their pictures...15 - 17 year olds with beards and mustaches. Their parents, all the while, claiming "My child is a good boy, he never done nothin' no wrong", yet he's got a felony arrest record 4 pages long.
  2. That would be the shortest trigger pull on a DA revolver that I've ever seen. I have to suspect that it is SA only.
  3. If they needed the room back then that they need now, they would have had to use the...wait for it...AMC Pacer.
  4. And all of the US election crap will be over with.
  5. I never got paid or rewarded with anything for good grades. Got punished for bad grades. Failure is a part of life as is success. While rewarding for success is admirable, it should not be mandated, paid for or legislated by any entity except parents and family.
  6. The horse and the mule were also indispensable at one time. Not so much now.
  7. I'd love to purchase locally but, unfortunately, there's only one place anywhere near my locality that is an actual reloading supply shop...and the owner is a complete ass. I wouldn't purchase anything from him if he was giving it away. There is a Sportsman Warehouse and an Academy Sports within 10 miles but they aren't really a store for reloading supplies although they have some primers, a few powders and some bags of shot. I did recently get 1,000 Federal LPP's from Sportsman @ $90.62 per K total. I personally don't see TB making a return anytime soon, including this year. I don't use it so the shortage doesn't affect me but I know a bunch of folks that do...and they miss TB a lot. As far as the profit level described by the Hodgdon rep, the explanation doesn't make a lot of sense. Pre-shortage they were selling TB in for the same price (mol) as other powders but in quantities that were a little over half as much as the other powders (IE - 9 oz vs 16 oz). Seems to me that profit level would be the same or better that the "easy" to manufacture powders.
  8. Up until last week, Unique was available at Natchez in 1 and 8 pound containers but it wasn't cheap ($50+ & $300+) and I think it was available at Powder Valley for a time also. Just have to look at their sites about once or twice a week.
  9. Is Gordon Solie announcing the Super Bowl? I can see it now... "And Travis Kelce fumbles after receiving a bionic elbow from The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes...Terry Funk picks up the fumble, running it in for the touchdown!" "They're going for one as Barry Windham comes on the field for the flying drop kick...THE KICK IS BLOCKED by Andre' The Giant!!!!" "Looks like there's a Royal Rumble going on, it's pandemonium on the field here in Las Vegas folks!"
  10. Just thought about it, I've never had store bought duck. Just a heads up though... During the mid 80's, I moved into an apartment on a large retention pond that stretched about 200 yards. It was some good fishing for bass, wouldn't eat out of there though. There were about 100 Muscovy ducks living in that pond and the one across the street. An Oriental restaurant moved into a building that faced a major road and the rear backed up to the pond. Within one month, there were no Muscovy ducks anywhere to be found on either pond. What a coincidence. Personally, I prefer Mallards...if they don't have too many pellets still in 'em.
  11. Smart marketing/something for different generations. - Black gun, yet retro...marketing to the modern gun crowd. - Nice wood, retro, big/bad caliber, modified Rifleman type lever...marketing to the traditional gun crowd. - Big caliber, short/medium range hunting rifle...marketing to the hunting gun crowd. - .44 Magnum, nuff said...except for the guttural grunting ...marketing to the Tim Taylor gun crowd. I kind of like it.
  12. Interesting and I can see some uses for a few of them...but...that unprotected sharp end on all of them would prevent me from carrying them in my pocket. Too many bad things can happen with unprotected, sharp ended tools/etc in pants/shirt/jacket pockets. I've seen it up close, glad it wasn't ever me. I'll have to pass.
  13. Looks like Midol...which kind of explains the machete, rope and duct tape.
  14. Carbine I suggest you remove your personal info from public view immediately. Send Major a PM with that info. No sense in giving bas guys an edge.
  15. It was 40 degrees this morning just south of you Dawg. It'll be 76+ w/humidity here on Tuesday. Because we don't get the cold weather too often, I like days like today...I know what's coming in June and I'll remember this day and this post.
  16. And now you're either cold, sunburnt or both...and still broke.
  17. When the thread has been in the Saloon for a while, I start looking at the posts from the most recent to the line that says "Unread posts". Been a while since I read this thread...had to go back up to the title to see what it was about to begin with.
  18. Billy Gibbons, with his beard tucked into his t-shirt.
  19. I'm the one that wishes I was anywhere else....anywhere!
  20. It really depends on the contract with the lawyer. My understanding is that the lawyer gets between 45 to 75% of the total awarded verdict. An acquaintance of mine hired a well known ambulance chaser. Chaser got 65% of the take, the take being $450,000. He wasn't hurt $150,000+ bad, he was just pissed off at the lowball offer made by the insurance company and made them pay.
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