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  1. Have to know these things when you're king, you know.
  2. Why does that look like Wiliam Dafoe in drag?
  3. Yeah, I've heard their "logic". May make sense to them...not me.
  4. If a box of 50 - .45 ACP only has 7.0 grains of powder in it...they are all going to be squibs. 250 grains per box of 50 would be more like it. At the 250gr. per box, they'd still get 28 boxes per pound of powder which would still result in more profit than just selling the powder alone as you mentioned.
  5. Alliant issued a statement that they were indefinitely suspending distribution of canister powder to any and all distributors due to the (supposed) shortage of nitrocellulose. Just so you know, China, Russia and India are the main manufactures of nitrocellulose.
  6. I know several people who are registered as a Democrat even though they are staunch Republicans. They register Democrat so they can vote in the Democratic Primary. I don't get the logic but it's their vote. They hold closed primaries in Florida so that only registered Democrats can vote in the Dem primary and Republicans can only vote in the Rep primary. Independents are SOL and can't vote in the primaries.
  7. Midway also has quite a few Alliant powders in stock, including Extra Lite in 1 and 8 lb containers. They have Red Dot also but it's cheaper at Mid South.
  8. It happens a couple of times a year in Florida. I just don't understand how you can forget your kid and leave them in a car...in any temperature. It happens with dogs here also. About every two weeks, you see that cops had to break a vehicle window to save the dog. Some live, some don't. Idiots.
  9. Sounds like a great place to build new homes for all of the liberals leaving the country on November 6. I hope they need another iceberg or twenty.
  10. They work nicely on other electronic items also.
  11. If I'm leaving a message with family or friends, I identify myself with my first name. If I'm leaving a message with a cowboy shooter, I identify myself with my last name - Sun. If I'm leaving a message with someone I don't know (business related), I identify myself with my first and last name. If I'm calling family or friends and they answer, I don't identify myself at all, I just start talking.
  12. They could have rammed the car thru the weakest part of the fence that was 10' away....no, instead they try the strongest part. A pair of dikes (electrical tool) would have easily cut thru the chain link or just cut the tie wire holding the fence onto the posts also.
  13. There's nothing on my phone that requires me using the locking feature, so I've never used it and don't plan on using it.
  14. The Price is Right contestants really get screwed. They don't win any money (for the most part) and have to pay California taxes on all of those 'fabulous' prizes that are 'valued' at way above what anyone, in their right mind, would normally pay.
  15. Plus you pay tax on that...California tax.
  16. Depends on the category, probably all in though.
  17. Damn, always liked Mr. Newhart and his style of comedy. RIP Mr. Newhart.
  18. Wait, according to the Saloon lately....checks aren't used any more. Now they, I guess they say "Get your Zelle out". If someone said "Get your Zelle out" to me...they might be offended by the response.
  19. Actually, he didn't miss. If Trump hadn't turned his head at precisely that instant...the shot would have been dead on.
  20. I don't know what manufacture the rifle is, but I'm pretty sure that it's Australian...so I'm going to name it Dundee.
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