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  1. Any girl that will bring me 65 lbs of beer is my kind of gal.
  2. To see the tattooed lady, the bearded lady, the fat man, the wolf boy and the slowest humans in the World...all you have to do is go to WalMart.
  3. Butter and apple sauce are both acceptable also around this house.
  4. And people have been stepping barefooted on the damn things since.
  5. Don't forget that they still have well over a year to attempt to accomplish their socialist manifestic goals.
  6. Chocolate in the grits??? OHHH, THE HUMANITY!!!!!
  7. And that's EXACTLY why a pitcher should have to bat. On that same theme, have you ever taken a 75+ mph beanball to the ribs? I have.
  8. I'm happy about the new rules with the exception of the extra innings/man on second Covid continuation. I do think that they seem to be taking longer with the "booth reviews" on what is an obvious (w/slo-mo) call. I do miss the shifts in both the outfield and infield though. I'm just glad that the constant glove adjusting/bat twirling/cleat stomping/pitcher psych out crap the batters were doing has stopped for the most part. Good on MLB for shortening the time of the game without shortening the quality of the game.
  9. Museum website and info https://garlits.com/
  10. I've been to the Garlits museum several times, even met "Big Daddy" Don Garlits himself once. You're right about needing the day to experience it all. Easy to get to and right off I-75. Well worth the days time and admission fee. If I remember right, Garlits is missing part of a foot due to an exploding transmission during a run.
  11. OOOH, a bullet hole through the cranium would make the illusion even better!
  12. Fantasy type sports gambling has created a whole new definition of "sportsmanship". Another is that padding the stats leads to higher (if that's possible) salaries. Pro and most amateur sports isn't about sportsmanship anymore and hasn't been for a while. It's all about the money these days. All of that said, I still watch MLB (TB Rays) and NASCAR. I became a Fin fan back when they came into the league as Florida finally had a pro football team. Still am a Fin fan but don't watch the NFL due to the whole kneeling thing, other woke propensities and the babying down of the game. I'll watch some of the playoffs and the Super Bowl...maybe. Glad the Fins set a team record and it's too bad that they didn't try for the overall record.
  13. Quite true, however other folks that I've talked to don't think that they taste the same either.
  14. Gotta have the vanilla wafers...otherwise it's just puddin' with bananas in it. Has anyone noticed that vanilla wafers, by themselves, don't taste the way they used to 20 years ago? It's like they forgot an ingredient or two.
  15. I have two of the 7 day boxes. One for AM and one for PM. You're right on the money about filling once every seven days as opposed to opening them all everyday.
  16. Different manufacturers. I've been noticing it for a while now. If you really want to be leery of the prescriptions, take a look where the pills are manufactured.
  17. You don't want to get that stuff on certain body parts. Trust me on that.
  18. He's not guarding the sandwich shop...it's the ice cream shop next to it.
  19. It's not just farmland in the middle of nowhere that they are buying. They are also specifically targeting farmland next, and in some case abutting, US military bases and major transportation hubs. It's not just farmland they are "innocently" buying and they aren't providing TikTok because they want to be humored either.
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