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  1. Colt SAA becoming grapeshot. The golden bullet would probably leave the barrel assuming it was sized properly but the SAA's cylinder will more than likely be a hand grenade.
  2. I remember when they debuted on the Tracy Ulman Show as a skit. I think that they are now the longest running show on tv but I could be wrong. Always liked them and thought the show was funny but don't watch on a regular basis. Then again, I don't watch any tv/show on a regular basis these days. Walking Dead and Yellowstone when they were on non-pay tv but nothing now.
  3. I don't know about that. I keep hearing and reading stories about how stores are taking the self serves out and going back to human (some of them anyway) cashiers because of huge losses from theft. I have gotten where I prefer the self-serve checkouts for speed, I get to bag them the way I want to and I don't have to look at the receipt to make sure I was charged right. I put the bags in my cart and bag the items at my car. Once, I had an argument with one of the employees that stand there with the cell phone in their hand when he told me that I took too many bags. I made it known that I was doing his damn job and since I was doing his job, I'll bag my items any damn way I want to.
  4. Congratulations to you and your daughter on the achievement and good luck on the final test!
  5. J-Bar Sometimes the people that rent are respectful towards their neighbors. However, there is almost always a problem with vehicle parking and noise at all hours of the day and night. A sampling of some of the "guests" that have stayed in the one across from me... - A biker gang of about 15 bikes..,until all their "brothers" showed up which made it about 30 bikes and a few SUV's. The house, and mine, are at the end of a dead end road on a cul de sac. Behind the "party house", as we call it, there is a large lake and canal with several layers of fencing. In front, a 1/4 mile of residential houses on a narrow road. The bikers I'm describing were a nationally known outlaw biker gang and all of them were patched. What better place for their enemies to attack them but in a place where they had absolutely no where to go while the gunfight raged. The bikers themselves were loud and ran up and down the street (straight pipes) all day and night but other than that nothing else occurred. - At least 15 large "pay to play" parties have happened there. I think that most of them were promoted by people on social media formats. All of them got shut down by the Sheriffs Department eventually. Almost all of these parties involved teenagers looking to get drunk/high and cause trouble. A couple of them had vehicles "bussing" the people in from a nearby place where they were parking their vehicles. One of them actually had over 100 people show up, it took Sheriff officers in 7 cruisers to patrol the area all night to stop people from continuing to go there and they arrested about 20 of the punks. - Various large parties for bachelor, graduation, spring break, etc, etc. have happened there. Sometime the cops get called, sometimes not. I've personally called the Sheriffs Dept no less than 18 times in the last 2-1/2 years. That doesn't include neighbor's calling. I don't call just to be an a*****e, I only call when things get out of hand or they block the road with their vehicles. For the most part, they only rent the place for 1 - 3 days/nights. There is no way to know who these people are or if they are criminals. I know for a fact that several of the rentals involved drug distribution, it had to be. I wasn't born yesterday, I've been around the block...I know what to look for. - Your County or City jurisdiction may put rules in place...good luck getting them to enforce their own rules...they won't. Most of the crap happens at night or on the weekends but even if it doesn't, they won't come out to see nor will they do anything about it. In some locations around here, the Air BnB type places have become such a nuisance that longtime residents have been forced to sell their homes and move out because the local jurisdictions won't do anything about the problems. Most everyone that lives near one of these places wished they didn't...including me, my gal and all my neighbors. I know it seems like I'm going to extremes to make my point but I feel I have to because once they get in...you're not getting them out. Just giving you fair warning.
  6. If there is any way of stopping this now...DO IT. Do it for yourself and your neighbors! We have one about 200' away from our front door. The a******s treat the place like a party hotel. No matter how good the "intentions" are, truth is that it's a damn hotel, next to YOUR property with no restrictions. Go to any and all hearing to stop this if you can.
  7. Will a Colt SAA in .45 Colt shoot a 400+ grain gold bullet more than once? I mean...before it becomes grapeshot.
  8. Didn't have to look it up, I remembered the student dead in the street with the bullet hole in his head (who didn't have anything to do with the riot) and the girl kneeling down next to him. I'll never forget the look on her face. His name was Jeff and her name was Mary...I think. And I remember the song.
  9. I've had several guns with the same name - ****ing piece of ****. Don't have those guns any longer. I don't know what rifle that is but J-Bar is right about Wolfman!
  10. I used to see it a lot in commercial construction as insulation inside of hollow concrete block walls. It was more like little (1/8" mol) Styrofoam type balls that filled the cells in hollow block construction. Never failed, drill a 1 1/4 hole into the block for a pipe and the vermiculite "blood" comes pouring out. Never seemed like there was anything available to plug the hole with anywhere to be found. Never even knew about it being hazardous until much later in my career as an electrician. A lot of older houses in Florida had, or have, the old asbestos shingle type exterior wall coverings. Drilling a 1/4 hole in them for strapping/securing items to the wall is always an adventure. Plan on going through drill bits. Larger holes, don't use a wood type hole saw, it'll just burn then up. As to the question, microscopic cancer inducing fibers from dust/etc. will remain imbedded in the lungs for many years just waiting for a "trigger", like tobacco use, to come along. The fibers, along with the trigger, induce cancerous cells to the lungs. Mesothelioma is the most common although there are many other ailments/cancers that have their base roots in asbestos. The problem with asbestos related diseases is they are cumulative, over a long period of time, and not immediately recognized as the culprit.
  11. Yep. This would be a great deal for someone as all they would have to do is purchase the individual powder funnels for the desired caliber and use the same shell plate/locator pins for all of them.
  12. Many landfills won't accept human excrement.
  13. I don't know what the translation is, maybe it says "Putin Paper, rough, tough and doesn't take s*** off anyone".
  14. I have a printer but due to lack of use, the ink dried up/went bad...I'm not going to buy more for $50 (mol) just to print out...well, anything and then have it dry up again.
  15. Shooter's handbooks are a MUST at State or larger and should be supplied by the match host, not printed out by the attendee at his/her expense.
  16. A telling and sad commentary on today's younger generations.
  17. I've seen pictures of someone that kept their finger in the cylinder gap area of a S & W 500. Wasn't pretty...I'm real sure that he won't do that again...ever.
  18. A Carrington type event like the one from the 1850's would put the US, and most of the World, back into the 1800's. Forget about all of the electronic gadgets, internet, cell phones (although I kind of like the idea of no cell phones), GPS and most other things electric for a while. It would probably fry most the electrical grid and associated equipment. Without electric, water supplies and food would quickly disappear and civilization would quickly crumble into dog eat dog. Am I going to worry about it...nope....what for?
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