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  1. Mrs. Ed while Mr. Ed is off at the local watering trough?
  2. No wonder you guys import WWI tanks and WWII Nazi ""Super Weapons" to Australia...gotta use them against your local spiders, insects and reptiles. Jeez.
  3. A priceless treasure to be sure. I sure wouldn't have wanted to be in one of those snails when the artillery shells started coming down, let alone sitting on the engine wearing asbestos underwear.
  4. Now that is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh today.
  5. Congrats Bucky. Nice win against some real tough competition!
  6. Hale has been tearing it up in the Southeast part of the country...as smooth and accurate as one can get. Congrats on Top Lady at State/Ides. You've earned it!
  7. Looks like FUN!!! Gotta say that many of today's American SASS shooters would incessantly whine about the "far" target distance. The "seasoned" SASS vet would just enjoy the olden SASS days.
  8. Depends on your definition of "ride them right" and "danger".
  9. Aw crap, wrong thread. Supposed to be the Bodie thread. Nevermind.
  10. Karine Jean-Pierre has announced that the pictures are actually from a desert relocation of beach sand from Lake Tahoe due to climate change and sea level rise. The icicles shown, are really wind driven salt spray stalactites originating from a sugar-deprived lake in Utah.
  11. Congrats Angus, I knew you could do it...and Clean too.
  12. I never had any symptoms of lead poisoning, still don't. I was curious about it, so I asked for it while they were drawing blood for the normal "got to have a blood draw so I can renew prescriptions" pretense. Mine was a 14 the last time. I'm not worried about a 14. I dry tumble with walnut (lizard litter) and a brass cleaner/polish, wear gloves during the process and a respirator during the separation process. Mine has been as high as a 24. During that time, I was very active as a TO and other posse duties and close to the firing line. I firmly believe that frequent close proximity to the line and inhalation of the associated ground dust/smoke/etc. contributes to higher lead levels. Lead cannot be absorbed through the skin, it must be ingested either orally or inhaled. I try to "prudently" try to limit my exposure to it as much as possible during a match or other shooting...but there's only so much that can be done within reason.
  13. Time to consume three cans of Bean w/Bacon to visit Jesse Gabriel's office.
  14. Utah Bob and Alpo probably aren't their real names either. Just a heads up there.
  15. If they're gonna load 'em, bring 'em to my location and unload 'em for $70.00...I'm gonna give those two fella's a $20.00 tip and tell 'em lunch is on me guys.
  16. Actually, I was thinking about both of the pictures shown.
  17. Thanks...but no thanks. If someone is shooting at me, I believe that I'll choose the JLTV over a Toyota.
  18. I remember seeing a old picture of two bullets, each headed the opposite direction, that had collided mid air. I think it was from the Civil War era and wasn't two pistol rounds that had intersected each other. Have to wonder if anything like that ever happened though in a "gunfight".
  19. About twenty-five years ago i bought some 7.62 x 51 ammo that was made in Venezuela. Dirtiest, nastiest, most gumming up ammo that've ever bought.
  20. Modern, Gunfighter, 49er, Senior and on an occasional stage or two - modified Outlaw.
  21. Doesn't Irish Roulette require the use of potato guns?
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