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  1. And no matter how far away from the store you park...as far out as you can park, with 20 spaces all around you...there's always some a**hole that parks next to you...every time.
  2. Gasoline works great on removing asphalt, roofing tar also. Have to do it outside with a good breeze blowing on it and don't use ferrous metal tools. It is dangerous as most might guess. I wonder if acetone would do the same job.
  3. Yeah...ever have one of those times that you wished a horse could read sign language?
  4. That's probably how most so-called gunfights were won if the truth be known. Bgavin, glad you're back to sending lead downrange! I guess at one hour intervals, you won't overdo it...so have fun!!!
  5. Just in case you haven't figured it out, SASS isn't a physical fitness training exercise. It's not a torture course or a history lesson either... It's called ENTERTAINMENT. Trying to make some point by throwing a "infirm and obese blanket" over the whole of CAS shooters...yeah, you'll make lots of friends over the next 5-6 decades...or not.
  6. Isn't bad enough that I remember the song...I remember the show.
  7. In Florida, you learn at an early age to look in the grass before you lay down. Not because of dog crap but because of fire ants.
  8. I use the "Bring out your dead" and "But I'm not dead yet" lines all the time in real life. Some know what it means, most don't. I use the "Questions three" from the bridge troll on occasion also. Hardly anyone knows that one, especially "What is the speed velocity of a fully laden swallow" while using my best impression of the troll. They just look at me like I'm crazy and stay away from me after that...I kind of like it.
  9. I kinda miss slapping the side of the tv to stop the rolling...or not.
  10. If I ever get bored enough to spend $750, it ain't gonna be on pencil/chop stick making kits. There's probably 30 gun stores within 10 miles of my house...wouldn't be bored then.
  11. If the government loaned or paid ANY money to anyone or any colleges...then it's taxpayer funded. If the government doesn't get reimbursed for this money...it's taxpayer funded.
  12. Obviously you were there at the beginning Griff. You are one of the few originals that still participate in matches and I have no doubt that the activities that you mention were elements incorporated into some of the stages but was every stage like that? I started in 1997. Come 1998, I was doing two matches almost every weekend for about 5 to 7 matches a month. I shot laying down on a horse blanket about 5 or 6 times, one of those shooting under a wagon. There used to be local matches that had shooting while seated on a buckboard, sitting on a "horse" (55 gal drum w/saddle), shooting while standing (or trying to) on a hump bridge that was suspended from ropes, kneeling behind bales of hay, through windows and jail cells, riding in mine carts while shooting and various other challenging positions. Shot one match where you walked a common firing line for 80 yards reloading pistols, etc. on the way, in the July heat/humidity. I felt bad for the TO's and spotters. 80 yards down and 80 yards back...10 to 20 times...WHAT FUN! Not. Second worst match I ever went to. Some of that stuff was fun 25 years ago on a limited basis, sure as hell wouldn't want to do that today. If that's the future of CAS, CAS doesn't have much future.
  13. Noticing safety issues started at the 8 second mark with him shooting 2 shots out of the shotgun, picking up his rifle and jacking a round out of the rifle on the 1st cycle of the action.
  14. Nope, never had any loan. Went to work in the electrical trade, guess I paid for that with blood, sweat and skin. I don't appreciate being forced to pay (in a roundabout way) for someone else's "higher" education either.
  15. Watched it as long as I could stand it, about 10 minutes. Eight minutes of barely veiled barbs at SASS and CAS in general, followed by his version of all CAS matches in general. Not even going to mention his crossdraw method. Oops, guess I did. Count me out.
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