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  1. What? Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee.
  2. I have only painted the front sight once on a pistol once...I regretted ever since.
  3. I think that it adds to the flavor and insulates the interior of the cut from over cooking.
  4. For some reason, your post reminded me of the "Show him your badge" joke.
  5. I'd tell him what one of his favorite meals is...especially if he got all preachy about his food morality. Many years ago (78 or 79), I went to a Thanksgiving dinner/biker party in northern Clearwater, Fl. The "turkey" tasted gamey but was real good. I found out later that it wasn't turkey, it was peacock. In that area, peacocks had gotten loose from somewhere, multiplied rapidly and became invasive. The bikers had shot a few and cooked them up and they were good eating. Haven't had peacock since but every time I drive down Hercules Ave near where the party was, I think of that dinner and the peacocks. The peacocks have since become established over a large area covering northern Clearwater and much of Dunedin.
  6. All local, regional and national electrical grids START with power generation facilities and END with the individual user. Easy to figure out, right? Wrong! The electrical grid is much more than the power plants and end user. It's everything in-between also. Many folks don't realize that most of the lines, transformers, distribution facilities and the like, are already over burdened with present day power consumption. It already doesn't take too much to overtax the existing grid, just look at Texas, California, New York and many other locales during certain weather events. The present day electrical grid simply cannot handle the existing load, let alone the added load of EV's and there's nothing in the works for upgrading/updating the grid. Even if there was, there's no way that it could be completed in a completely unrealistic 12 year timeframe fantasy. The assumption that EV owners would only charge their vehicles at night is a false premise. It is true that the majority of EV owners would charge their vehicles when they got home after work, along with during the thermostat down to cool the house off (or heat it up), cook their evening meal, take their evening shower, etc. The load would be shifted from commercial locations to residential locations in which the grid is already taxed out. Making it "very expensive" to charge "mid day" doesn't solve anything. All it would do is inflate the cost of already outrageously priced electrical usage for everyone, it wouldn't solve anything although I guess separate "EV" metering could be installed...at additional individual costs of course. I've stated it before and I'll state it again...I have nothing against EV's or their owners. If an EV owner is happy with their vehicle, that's great, I'm happy for them. What I'm not happy about is the complete lack of foresight and planning to make the EV "fantasy" reality. I'm also not happy with being force fed the BS that EV's will solve all of the planet's problems, they won't. What really gets me PO'd is the fact that all of the costs of the EV fantasy will be passed along to the end consumer...be it in the form of higher electric bills, tax assessments or other endless consumer costs. If anyone thinks that it's hard to make ends meet now...just wait...more hardships are on the way.
  7. Just for future reference, it is legal an individual to ship primed brass. It ships with the same rules as loaded ammo. HazMat symbol thru a UPS Hub. Just thought you'd like to know.
  8. Blackwater, this is good advice but remember...they'll be the ones mailing you the check! Seriously though, heal up quick and I hope the goose egg on yer noggin don't get too big. Oh yeah, almost forgot
  9. Wait until they find the dog that buried it!
  10. EV's have their place for nitch needs and purposes. Isn't for me, but that's okay. As far the dream of 2035 is concerned... The one and only truism (very briefly touched on) within either video is that the existing electrical grid/infrastructure cannot handle the increased electrical load...period. There is no way in hell that the grid can, or will be, updated with additional generating facilities and complete grid overall/enhancements by 2035 or even 2040. Even with fast tracking environmental permits/approvals, property acquisitions and infrastructure improvements. No Way, No How...Ain't going to happen. Both videos are very presumptive and misleading. If this happens, if that happens...bulls***. It's all about big money making even more big money. Don't kid yourself into thinking anything different. The above is not paid for by any political party and is strictly the opinion of me.
  11. I might need a little more funds...well, kind of all of the funds...but If it was rich and it wasn't in California...heck I'd buy it. https://www.foxbusiness.com/entertainment/john-waynes-california-ranch-hits-market-12-million
  12. This is going to require video and a timer...video from both ends...please.
  13. A hit target doesn't care about the designation of the bullet. I like it!
  14. I have to admit that when I saw the title of the thread, the first thing I thought of was beef marbling. For some reason, the second thing I thought of was a wrist rocket and a marble when I was a kid.
  15. If it hadn't been brought up here, it would have never been a problem. As it is, it has been brought up. The rules are ambiguous on this, one non-natural (plainly overt) wrap is legal while another non-natural wrap that no one would notice in a million years isn't.
  16. Mrs. Ed while Mr. Ed is off at the local watering trough?
  17. No wonder you guys import WWI tanks and WWII Nazi ""Super Weapons" to Australia...gotta use them against your local spiders, insects and reptiles. Jeez.
  18. A priceless treasure to be sure. I sure wouldn't have wanted to be in one of those snails when the artillery shells started coming down, let alone sitting on the engine wearing asbestos underwear.
  19. Now that is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh today.
  20. Hale has been tearing it up in the Southeast part of the country...as smooth and accurate as one can get. Congrats on Top Lady at State/Ides. You've earned it!
  21. Looks like FUN!!! Gotta say that many of today's American SASS shooters would incessantly whine about the "far" target distance. The "seasoned" SASS vet would just enjoy the olden SASS days.
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