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  1. Fast Eddie. My first SKB was worked on by two different gun smiths before I took it to Fast Eddie. My second went straight to Eddie.
  2. I saw chicken feet, voodoo dolls, and some kind of purplish dust in the air. On one stage when i went to my cart to get my guns there was a voodoo doll stuffed in the barrel of my shotgun and a chicken foot hanging onto my rifle.
  3. By the end of the day everything will be ready for the best one day annual match in the southeast. Tomorrow show up with all the trash talk, voodoo dust, chickel legs, and 3x5 cards . ( Don't forget your guns snd ammo.) Plan on having a good time shooting with the friendliest shooters at one of the best venues in the southeast. Don't forget the cowboy yard sale and vendors. BBQ lunch topped off with ice cream. See you there.
  4. Riverbend. 6 OakRidge. 6 Ocoee Rangers. 5 Tennessee Mountain Mauraders. 5 Wartrace. 5 North Alabama Regulators. 5
  5. I'm bringing some fans for you fast shotgun shooters. You can use them to cool down your guns.
  6. Range prep is starting today. Mowing, weed eating, and general clean up. Thursday get stage 6 ready. Place fans on stages, Friday set targets, paint, and last minute details. If you have any spare time come on out.
  7. Wasn't me. I had it a couple of times but I didn't burn it. Either Ziggy or Jot had it last.
  8. Red, retirement is a good thing. Shoot well out there. Sure wish you was shooting here Saturday. I need some back up with this crowd. I don't have the paddle.
  9. Captain Bill, you have to carry the paddle with you every where you shoot until you can get rid of it. I don't know who ended up with the paddle. Maybe Widder has it, who knows. Maybe Tennessee Williams traded Widder a weed eater for it, who knows.
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