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  1. I have seen them from to short to to tall
  2. No TW. For real. Ours got washed away in ther flood. New ones haven't come in yet.
  3. On another note, if you want to be a timer operator bring your own timer.
  4. I wouldn't miss this match for anything. What about it Widder .
  5. Ringer, seems like you must mired up a little deeper.
  6. Marie Laveau, a new shooter, just signed up to shoot with Krazy Cajun and Tennessee Williams . Expedite my lube order Widder.
  7. Max, if you can get there early I'll clean your rifle for you.
  8. We will be following social distancing rules. Mask are optional. Some wear them and some dont. I would suggest that you bring your own water, drinks, and snacks. Bring sanitizer for yourself, not sure if we have any left. Be prepared to enjoy the outdoors and your friends while maintaining your social distance. Safty briefing at 10.
  9. Bring a box full of bullets I'll find some more targets by Saturday.
  10. You will need 1 pistol knockdown bullet and 1 rifle knockdown bullet.
  11. Same thing for small clubs that have to support themselves. Between payment to the landowner, insurance, maintenance and upkeep, it's tough to keep up. This year we had a flood with over 6' of water, ruined the timers, weedeater, and everything else in the target sheds. Then we have the Coronavirus. No shooting no income the rent goes on
  12. Sell me the marlin I sold you for your granddaughter.
  13. We will be having our 5th Saturday match this month. May 30th. 5 fun stages. Safty briefing at 10. We ask if possible have the correct change. We are still social distancing. Some wear masks or bandanas. Registration will be done early before the match by either emailing to TNMTNMARAUDERS@GMAIL.COM
  14. Curly Bill Kelly put mine in my vaqueros. Not sure where got them.
  15. Widder had all the 97's in your area.
  16. I was replacing a carrier about every 6 months. I went to the titanium carriers and haven't replaced a carrier in 2 + years. I can't tell any difference in the weight. If you shoot a lot and are replacing carriers I would spend the money and get titanium. Mine don't show any wear. Fouling, I clean my guns every time after I shoot it. Clean runs better.
  17. I have one in both my rifles. I have a drawer full of brass and aluminum carriers that gave me problems. One I have run for 2 years the other one 1 year. If I was buying another carrier it would be another titanium one. Not sure it will help with build up/fouling. That's probably more in your ammo.
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