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  1. I have the 550b, over 500,000 rounds loaded on it. Zero issues I didn't cause. Havent used the AP, but those that do seem to like them. I also have the 650, again zero issues. Has a bit longer learning curve though. The 550 loads over 160 different cartridges, including most of the magnums. compare the list of cartridges for each before you buy and make sure they can accomodate the longest cartridge you intend to load. If you want more control, get the 550, if you want auto advance, the 750 and AP will serve you well.
  2. While you're at it, polish the inside of the base.
  3. Read the manual carefully, if pulled straight back, it IS heavy. Pulling down and to the rear, and its 5-6 lbs, not bad at all.
  4. Reliable BP pistol? Make, model. what say you?
  5. As stated. Have one, need a second. thanks.
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