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  1. So, "don't believe your lying eyes"? This makes zero sense. You literally have proof that the call was an error.
  2. Thanks, thats the one. 28th! that's pretty good for me at the time.
  3. Somewhere between '97 and '02 (thats when I lived in Maryland). The only souvenir I have left is a round pin, red/black/silver with RW on it (forwards and backwards) and 3 distinct memories: 1. First stage, shooter puts a round into the ground about 3 inches in front of his foot. Stage Marshal looks around and tells the guy to unload and get back in line for a reshoot. MD's fault? Maybe not, but he/she selected and instructed the stage marshal, his/her responsibility. Made sure to be a long ways back when he shot for the rest of the day. 2. Spent the whole day with my dad, first time in 5 years (I was in the service at the time). 3. Got a bauble for placing high on one of the stages (can't find it at the moment).
  4. Went to Range War once, drove all the way from Maryland to attend. Local shooter put his first shot about 3 inches in front of his right boot toe. MD no called it and allowed a restart. Haven't been back, don't plan on it in the future.
  5. Was the timer operator, had a gent point a shotgun at my head (pointed directly up range) when he turned around to head for the unloading table. Called him on it. He said I should not have been standing there and blamed me for his error. Packed up his stuff and left. Next time I saw him he was selling all his cowboy stuff and getting out of the game.
  6. 40 LPI checkering on the back of the front sight. Takes away the glare. No problems since.
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