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  1. You want to translate that?
  2. I thought maybe it would be for that possible time when you got a little sloppy in your cooking, and cut a couple of your fingers off. Oops. But you got some more fingers left so you can still turn your phone on to call 911.
  3. Your phone is set up to accept prints from any of five different fingers? Or you have to use all five prints to make it come to life?
  4. Huh. I remember one time they held the phone up to the dead guy's face, and nothing happened, and then they opened his eyes. And it worked. But as we all know, you can do anything on television.
  5. I don't know. I don't have a pool. But --- it says a 3-inch piece of pipe. One would assume it specifies a 3 inch because it needs x amount of copper in the water. So is that a 3-inch piece of 3/8 tubing, or half inch tubing? 3/4 inch, maybe? 1 inch? At what point does it quit being tubing and become pipe? But if you need x amount of copper, then it seems like the instructions would say something like "3-inch piece of inch and a half copper pipe".
  6. Hey now!! NOBODY is allowed to ask questions not directly related to cowboy shooting, here in the Saloon (ACS) --- except me. I ask enough for everybody else.
  7. On television, in cop shows, they always have the victim's phone. Which is locked, and they have to try to figure out what his password is. And after being unable to crack the password after several attempts, somebody will use the victim's thumb to unlock it with his fingerprint. Or they will hold his face up in front of it, and it unlocks because it recognizes him. In one episode Abby 2.0 is talking about how this guy had only used a four digit code, instead of a 6-digit which was so much harder to crack. And she bet that Gibbs was a 6-digit kind of guy. And he said he didn't lock his phone, which depressed her. If you lock your phone, do you use a four digit code, or a six digit code? Do you use your fingerprint (I wonder how many chances you get to choose the right finger - they always use the right index finger in the cop shows, but does everybody use their right index finger?)? Do you use your face - facial recognition? Me, I hang on to my phone, so I see no need to lock it.
  8. There's another keypad by the fuse box. At the end of the hall. Where you can go straight or left or right to go into the bedrooms. That makes sense. I'm going to bed, so instead of setting the alarm in the living room, and then running down the hallway to make it to bed before the motion detector goes off, I casually walk down the hallway, set the alarm and walk over and get in bed. But what if I got to pee at 3:00 in the morning? I have to turn the alarm off so it doesn't go off as I walk to the bathroom?
  9. Remember a few years back, when Oprah gave everybody in the audience a car? Wow. How generous. Of course, she got to deduct the cost of all those cars as a business expense. And everybody that got a car had to pay income tax on it, so most of the audience had to sell the brand new car to get the money to pay the tax. And if it was, for example, a $20,000 sticker price car, they might get 10 grand at it selling it to the car lot. Since it's used. But they still have to pay tax on 20.
  10. On TV shows, they open the door, and the keypad is on the wall right next to the door. Which, to me, makes sense. In my mother's house the keypad was three rooms and 25 feet from the door. And I just sort of idly wondered, just now, why it was so far away. It was actually right next to the back door. So my question is, is there a standard spot where they put the keypads? Or do they ask the householder where he would like it? Maybe it's by the front door on the TV shows because that way they don't have to have another set? Occasionally, on a TV show, the keypad will be outside. I remember an NCIS where Tony bet that he cy figure out the disarm code before Ziva could pick the door lock. Do they really put them outside? While having them outside sort of makes sense - it's like the key to the deadbolt. You shut the door and then you set the alarm. You turn the alarm off before you go in the house. That makes sense. But, having it outside would also let people play with it and possibly figure out your code, with as much time as they needed to do it. So looking at it like that, having it outside is idiotic.
  11. As I was watching him start it, I thought about how much fun that would be going to the grocery store every week.
  12. Thank you Joe. I went looking for that, when you made your original post, because I did not believe it could be as bad as you made out. The drunk at the ball game - I made it to broad stripes and bright stars. This - twilight's last gleaming. Damn that was bad.
  13. That's interesting. I only looked at the first one, because really I'm not that interested in tractors. But many times there will be videos that are basically just photographs, and people have put loud obnoxious music that has nothing to do with the photograph on there because apparently the thought of watching something without sound is unacceptable. Watching that first one - and like I say I only watch the first one so I don't know if the others are like that - watching that first one without sound was just --- strange.
  14. The dog is not sleeping, the puppy is sleeping. And he acts like he's hungry.
  15. I didn't know that. Thought all you got was what you had won. And if you had zip all you got was the consolation prizes - The parting gifts. I've seen people like - well my example. If he doubled his money he would have $7,000. So the one in the lead could bet $17,090, and if they lost they would have $7,010 so they would still be the winner. I've seen people bet a dollar, when they were in third place. They weren't going to win anyhow, and if they lost they only lost a buck, so they would still take home money.
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