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  1. If someone brought you some homemade eggnog, would you assume it had booze in it? That Waluon movie somebody was talking about on down the board. I followed the link, and was reading the trivia and quotes and other things. There's these two little old ladies that make shine. Christmas time and John Boy brings a bottle in the house. Olivia: What's that you got in your hand? John-Boy: It's a present, Mama, from Miss Mamie and Miss Emily. Olivia: Bootleg whiskey. Don't those crazy old women know I don't allow whiskey in this house? I've got young children in this house! What sort of example do they think we set here? You take it out yonder and pour it on the ground! John-Boy: It's not whiskey, Mama, it's egg nog. Olivia: [after pause] I ought to be ashamed of myself. As far as I can tell, eggnog is an alcoholic beverage. Everybody that makes it puts booze in it. The stuff they sell in the grocery store is like non-alcoholic beer, or maybe a Virgin Mary. It looks like eggnog but it ain't got no kick. Just seems to me that if a couple of moonshiners sent some eggnog to a family for Christmas, it would most probably have a kick.
  2. I read about a guy that put his rifle in the rack for the trophy picture, and the deer that was only wounded got up and ran off with his gun.
  3. Do an edit and place the word EYES between the words GUY'S and OPEN in the second paragraph. I think the joke will make more sense that way. And feel free to blame otto for leaving the word out. It's probably his fault.
  4. Did you use it to roll a joint? A joint filled with dirty socks? Give Bob Marley a run for his money?
  5. The six pack down by his feet is Strohs. You can see the name on the carton. The can in his hand matches the picture of the cans on the end panel of the six pack. From this I deduce that he is indeed drinking Strohs. That bottle on his right side looks to be scotch.
  6. We could look at this muk-raking rag. https://www.newsweek.com/salvation-armys-donors-withdraw-support-response-racial-wokeness-initiative-1645658
  7. Yep, might not be Florida. Might not be a requirement about how much orange to wear. Might not even be a requirement to have to wear orange. Which is why I said I WONDER IF, and not THAT AIN'T LEGAL.
  8. The Salvation Army. They want white donors to apologize for being white. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/11/salvation-army-wants-white-donors-offer-sincere-apology-racism/
  9. I agree with Pat that the square knot will come undone. Back in Boy Scouts I learned something that was called a fisherman's knot. You simply tie an overhand knot in one end, run the other end through the loop of the overhand knot, then using the second end tie an overhand knot around the standing part of the first end. You then pull the knots closed And then draw the two knots toward each other by pulling the two lines. The two knots act as jam nuts against each other, and it will not untie by itself.
  10. Wonder if that's legal. The guy on the left. In Florida you have to wear 500 square inches of Orange. Now that vest would usually take care of that requirement, except he's got that great big backpack covering up the entire back of the vest. Wonder if a game warden would ticket him for that?
  11. Please show me, or tell me, where specifically it identifies those four women as men. As for Sydney's orbs, this is a branch of the military made up exclusively of people with superpowers, and Sydney's orbs give her superpowers. Because they float around her all the time, she is The Mighty Halo!!!
  12. I just went and looked at the four major branch websites. Judging from the pictures, Army women wear neckties. Navy women officers and chiefs wear that woman thingy. Air Force women wear that woman thingy. Marine women wear that woman thingy, which is called, at least in the Marine Corps, a neck tab.
  13. Do they get to choose whether they wear pants or skirts? I thought of that question so I went back and looked at the whole cartoon. You will have to blow it up, but notice in the second panel the two women wearing neckties are also wearing pants, while the two women wearing that girl thingy around their neck are wearing skirts.
  14. Where did you get that from? I said, "These WOMEN are in a branch...", and, "Two of these WOMEN are wearing ...", but I never said they were men.
  15. Everyone needs a new coffee cup, right? The picture on the outside changes when the cup gets hot.
  16. This is a cartoon. I am fully aware it is not real. These women are in a branch of the military. It is a "non-existent in real life" branch made up for the cartoon. Notice that two of the women are wearing neckties like a man while the other two are wearing that woman thing around the neck. In the real military, do women get a choice as to what they put around their neck? Can they wear a man's necktie, or do they have to wear that little whatever the hell it is?
  17. American Scientific. Great site. They got some really neat stuff. Man, I remember when those Chinese bandoliers were a dollar. When they would give you two or three of them for free with those $85 SKSs. Nostalgia Since Shameless didn't put up a link, I thought I would. https://www.sciplus.com/534-disposable-scalpels-with-rule-58900-p
  18. Sydney is the one with the balls floating around her head. Notice Trouble really is her middle name.
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