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  1. They exist. Here's a pic of mine, converted to .45 Colt
  2. Six rounds. I got the gun used, as is, so the cylinder came with it. In fact, there was no C&B cylinder. Looking at it, I guess you could get a Remington style gated ring, but the cylinder would have to be shaved quite a bit for it to fit.
  3. A very interesting gun. Like the 58 Remington, you can quick change the cylinders if you want to. And, they are rather easy to cartridge convert. The hammer is "strange" in some ways. To me, it almost feels like you are pulling the hammer straight back and not rotating it back and downwards. The conversion is .45 Colt. I have fired it a few times, but I've never used it in a match, yet.
  4. I'd be very hesitant to believe that something built as a non firing replica could be made into a real functional firearm.
  5. I have never understood why, as soon as the Christmas season is over, it takes the winter season with it. Winter is just getting started, but all of the non Christmas winter decorations disappear with the Christmas ones. It's silly. Personally, I consider the "holiday season" to be mid October to Mid January. But I observe each of the holidays in their own time. My brother's birthday Columbus Day. My birthday Halloween Veteran's Day Thanksgiving (And only AFTER the above are all passed do I do anything Christmasy) Christmas New Years Martin Luther King Day. (The holiday to recover from "The Holidays.) It is by this day that the last of the Christmas decorations are put away, but I will allow a few winter things to stay out through the end of February if I am so inclined.
  6. Define what is weird about it. Is it actually converted to fire cartridges somehow? If so, do you wanna sell it? Or is it weird in some other non historical way? Pics would be nice.
  7. I got a whole case of those for Christmas last year. The boxes came in a nice wooden crate. Now all I need to do is either... 1. Go deer hunting. 2. Find a shoot (any game) where I need buckshot loads to use them at before I reload 'em for SASS use.
  8. Well that answers the question as to what size bullets to use. And at least you got an answer. When I wrote to them to ask if the gun should use .355 or .358 bullets, I got a reply saying don't use reloads, only low power factory ammo.
  9. If there was a conversion cylinder for the revolver part, I'd be hard pressed not to eventually obtain one. I'd leave the shotgun part unchanged.
  10. Ah yes. I do have a Detective Special snubby in .38 S&W. I've used it as a "pocket pistol" at Zoot Shoot matches. Surprisingly accurate little bugger. If this was limited to revolvers, that's what I'd use.
  11. I too have an original, but not a reproduction. I run cut down .50-70 brass from Buffalo Arms as I have read that the Starline 56-50 brass is sized for use in the reproductions and won't work right in originals. Since you have both, what brass do you use, and does it work in both rifles?
  12. I already have one of those. I'd like a modern replica one to go with it that I can shoot smokeless in from time to time. The one in this pic doesn't count...
  13. Since it's a side match, sure why not? The more variations of different stuff, the merrier. My normal pistol for this type use is a Colt Mustang .380 that I shove in pocket holster in, well, my pocket.
  14. Well, I figured you'd need to use a smaller bullet. I wonder if you could crimp the 45 case to a 41 bullet or not. Idle curiosity is ab strange thing.
  15. We've all seen those derringers, and some revolvers, that are .410/.45 Colt. Well, I was wondering, if you have a .410 shotgun, and need some slugs, can you use .45 Colt? Or at least the brass using a .41 caliber bullet?
  16. Sigh... I clearly say that the only place for these things might be side matches. Side matches, by their very nature, can be open to all kinds of things and no effect the way the regular game itself, or even the way the "regular" side matches are conducted. It would just be adding more stuff, not changing anything.
  17. By that argument, such things as the Winchester Hotchkiss, Winchester 95, Revolver Carbines, US Krag rifle, certain Colt, S&W and other DA Revolvers, should all be legal, or at least have a "place" in our game, even if it is only in side matches. (And yes, I think they do.)
  18. I actually did use it once. Nobody said boo. It is a surprisingly sweet shooting gun.
  19. I have one in .303 British. And a 12 gauge shotgun built on the action.
  20. Looked it up. Price is great, but it's a mishmash of features. They call it a 1911-A1, but the frame around the trigger guard is not recessed and it has a flat as opposed to arched main spring housing, which is like a 1911. Seems to have an A1 style trigger and beavertail. And no lanyard loop. I don't understand mixing some features and leaving others off on what is supposed to be a recreation of a historical design,
  21. Why can't they just give us a long barrel with a full choke? I hate choke tubes.
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