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  1. Don't cut it! I used to use a 20" 97, and I wanted to get a long barreled one, just to have, and when I finally found one, I used at a shoot on a lark. After that, it was my primary main match shotgun. I strenuously object to the idea that long barreled shotguns are not good for our game. Try it, you just might like it. And, it is very easy to find short barreled 97's, originals and reproductions. It's getting harder and harder to find long barreled originals, and long barrel reproductions don't exist. You have an excellent, unmodified gun. Don't cut it. You can't go back if you do. And even if you decide that you don't like the long barrel for SASS, save it for cowboy trap. But seriously, long barrels are great. I almost never miss with them, something I can't say about the short barrels. I find the same to be true with my SxS's I'll take my 30" FF Parker over my 19" no choke one any day of the week.-
  2. Did not know the delay function existed, so that's a plus. I suppose that even if all 4 rifles are owned by the same shooter, the shooter very well may do better with his or her favorite of the four. It has been argued that there is no such thing as a truly objective test. That may be true. This was just as close to one as I could think of.
  3. I found myself thinking, is there an objective way to determine which rifle is the fastest? I got to thinking that the best way to do it is have the same shooter try the guns in question, and see how they come out. Then it occurred to me that I happen to own, unmodified, an original Winchester 73, Winchester 92, Marlin 1888 and a Colt Lighting, all in .32-20. And, I am a lower mid to bottom of the pack shooter. This truly would be a test of the GUNS, not the shooter. I figure I'll go out and do 2 left to right sweeps of 5 targets, 1 doubletap left to right on 5, and 1 "dump" on a single target. All I need to find is someone to operate the timer, and record it all. Or find someone else who can do it before I get a chance. Notice that with all the guns in the same caliber, all vintage, unmodified guns, and all fired by the same shooter, (who is mediocre at best speed wise) the only real variable is the guns. Do others agree that this is an objective test?
  4. Hello to everyone who shoots 12 gauge all brass Magtechs. Midway has 'em. Just $39.99 for a box of $25 plus tax and shipping. Does anyone else think that's over priced? https://ads.midwayusa.com/product/1657554245?pid=554245&utm_medium=display&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=evergreen-dpa&utm_content=AllCategories_PageView_Overlay_NewCBO&fbclid=IwAR3r5n_asuveJe__AjRKK0EjiCCd8N6qG_cQBSa-uGa5hT3hYviNPVb2p4U
  5. Well, I am not sure you can call them "carbines," as they are legally pistols, but there is this by Chiappa in .44 Magnum... Or, AWA made this in .45 Colt, but they are super rare. Less than 20 were made, as far as I can gather, and that's probably a high estimate... Or, if you wanna make your own, this is an Uberti, .44-40, 16" barrel, and even with the butt the way it is, its overall length is still over the minimum length, so no tax stamp needed. It's just a rifle with a really short length of pull. I guess THIS could be considered a carbine... And if you want a shotgun, Chiappa makes this little number... Not SASS Legal, but fun to shoot!
  6. Depending on caliber, type and amount of powder, you will get more or less flame, but you always get some. If you want a LOT of flames, use black. If you want less, experiment with different smokeless powders till you find what you want. Or, don't worry about it. OR Get yourself a Sheriff's model in .44-40 and load it with black. Lotsa fire and smoke.
  7. I have a question I'd like to ask of someone who actually owns a shotgun in the Marlin 98 family. But it has to be one that has the button release thingee on the right side of the receiver. Since this is more a question of curiosity about, added to the fact that it's not SASS legal and that I have no desire to see this turn into a thread about that topic, I ask that someone who has one PM me, and I'll send you the question,
  8. Anyone here make them, or know someone who does?
  9. Generically, if you are going to do a stage like that, you need to advertise it in advance so people know to bring the extra stuff. AND, it probably needs to be optional or scored separately from the main match for anyone that chooses the option. To have be designed to keep visitors from winning is just wrong.
  10. The closest I can offer to that is what we used to call an "Iron Man" match here in New England. 4 pistols, 2 rifles, and the shotgun. As much shooting as a 6 stage match in 3 super stages. Someone, I can't remember who, was the designated "gun handler" to help the shooter stage and carry his or her guns. The same procedure could be used at a 10-10-5-4, perhaps.
  11. There are times when I wonder if instead of swapping out the regular "main match" rifle for a "Cody Dixon" type rifle, if adding such a thing as a 5th gun could be a viable alternative variation of CAS. In other words, instead of 10-10-4+, 10-10-5-4+. Ten rounds from pistols, 10 from a pistol caliber repeating rifle (IE a Main Match Rifle) 5 rounds from a rifle caliber repeating rifle, and 4+ from a shotgun. Call it what you will. At minimum, you'd need one more target "a bit farther away" than the "regular" rifle ones. Which means you'd need shooting bays long enough to have said targets added. You could run it as an "experimental" extra category at any otherwise regular shoot to see if anyone would want to try it, or if it was popular. Along the same lines, have you ever noticed that there are essentially 2 kinds of rifle caliber (By rifle caliber, I mean cartridges that won't fit in a a revolver) cartridges? Type 1 are rounds that would fit in a Winchester 76, 86, Large Frame Lightning, Marlin 1895, or similar rifles. Type 2 rounds are things that would fit in a Winchester 94, Marlin 336, and other comparable rifles. I suppose there is a potential 3rd category that sorta bridges the gap between these two types, and these would be rounds that work in the Winchester 95. Things like .30-40 or .405 Winchester that have more "power" than the things you'll see in the 94, but are very different from what you'll see in an 86. There may even be some overlap in some cartridges, but I don't wanna get lost in the weeds. I've also noticed that the type 1 cartridges tend to have longer long range capability, but that just may be the fact that I'm not the best shot!
  12. Interesting story. When Massachusetts passed its trigger lock law, a legislator pointed at the musket from the battle of Lexington on the wall in the chamber and pointed out they where now in violation of they put a trigger lock on it. Then they passed a law exempting antiques. Welcome to the PDR of Massachusetts.
  13. I got a very nice Christmas gift from my nephews... Have to decide where it will hang. Once it does... The 86 was made in 1897 and the Colt in 1884, so I can legally display them without trigger locks.
  14. Thanks, Cholla. I'll be sending off the letter request come Tuesday. Now this of course, creates a conundrum. I have some full size model 3's Now I have this miniature pocket pistol version of one. Does this mean I have to find and obtain one of those pistols that is smaller than the 3, but larger than this pocket model, but still has basic same design? Variations on a theme can be fun.
  15. I have always thought that the Marlin was a handsome gun, and it seems to me that they, for the most part, have a reputation for being well made guns. The main reason why I have not had any in my collection is that I (mostly) shoot my shoulder guns left handed. Although, this past season, I did have occasion to borrow a modern made Cowboy 94 in .44 Magnum at a shoot, and the side eject did not bother me, nor did I get any hot gasses on my right wrist like I do with a Henry Big Boy. That has made me wonder if I'd like to get some someday. I have of course, long been aware of the early Marlin's being top breaks, but they are so rare, and usually so expensive, that I thought they were out of reach. Then I found this. So now... Well, maybe I'll have to find an 1881 to go with it. And a 39A. But... If I get the .22, that may lead me to to get a 94 and 36 for a true "matched set" of rifles. Oh, isn't collecting irksome!
  16. I found a very nice S&W pocket pistol today. I purchased it from a local gunsmith who said it's in almost like new condition from a mechanical standpoint. It looks like a scaled down version of the Model 3 DA, and is chambered in .32 S&W. (It's a 5 shot.) I believe it's a "Fourth Model" pocket pistol, and the serial number is in the 216xxx range. I plan to letter it, I know that will give me the best information, but I figured that maybe one or two of the pards here who know more about S&W's than I do can at least confirm what the model is before I send in a vague letter request. Here's a pic... The smith I got it from said he got it from someone who inherited it from his grandfather who didn't want it, or even know what it was. He doesn't think it's been fired in decades, and probably not much at all in general. It apparently has been sitting in a drawer for a very long time. Is my guess at it being a Fourth Model close to the mark? FWIW, the gunsmith has done a lot of work for me over the years. Most recently he converted a .32RF Rolling Block to centerfire, for example. If you are looking for a gunsmith here in New England who can do good work on old guns like we shoot, I recommend him. https://www.rustbluing.com/ Is his website.
  17. Okay. It's got a 20" barrel, but letters as a 24" and the rear sight has been filed away, just the dovetail is there. It does look like it might have had a tang sight at one time, but I don't know. Bore is okay, but not pristine. (Comparable to my original 73 in fact.) Function is flawless. I think it was well worth the price. This more or less "completes" my SASS .32-20 collection, and gives me my first Marlin.
  18. I'd always thought that if I ever found a Marlin 1888, the top eject Marlin, for a reasonable price, I'd grab it. Happy to say I found one in excellent condition, chambered in .32-20, which is probably why the price was so reasonable. The action is butter smooth, although that nub in the tigger guard will take some getting used to. I have to say, profile wise, it looks pretty much the same as the side eject Marlins. I wonder what inspired them to make the change in the first place. Scopes weren't yet a thing, especially in pistol caliber rifles. Oh well, I'm glad to add this to the collection.
  19. In all seriousness, I have wondered about how this could be done. Let's think about it for a moment. If you get "style points" for using a Henry, you should also get them for using a Spencer. Or perhaps for anything other than a 73, 66, 92 or Marlin. That is to say, any gun that is more unusual or not so practical for the game? What about pistols? Anything other than an SAA or a Ruger? But what if you use a Buntline or a Sheriff's model. Or one of each? What if your otherwise standard SAA is gold plated? That's pretty stylin', no matter how you slice it? A hammered double or an 87 has more style points than any other type of shotgun. But does a hammerless double have more than style points than a 97? Does a Parker have more style points than generic modern made SxS? And that's just guns... In other words, style points can be a very subjective thing that would be extremely difficult to quantify. Are the examples of things I mentioned even style pointy to begin with? I think when all is said and done, if a particular shooter can say, "Hey, isn't my stuff wicked cool today?" then he's got style points, whatever that means.
  20. When a place will let you use them (They are not actually SASS Legal) you can't get more style points than with these. But unlike in the picture, it's impossible to shoot them gunfighter style. (Pic from about a year and a half ago, just after I finished Chemo.
  21. Hey, if you want STYLE points, shoot a Genuine GI Spencer! I take mine out about once a year. I get a lot of oohs and aahs, and finish dead last. But it's funner than anything!
  22. Spacer stick eliminates the need for a hop. I grab mine right under where the stick will be after the 10th round is fired. Eh, mine's a .44-40. No blowback. Although I do usually shoot smokeless. Granted, I am a bottom third shooter, but I don't find the Henry any slower than my 66 or my 73.
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