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  1. I reported a few days ago I was having trouble with a pinched nerve in my neck that effects my hand in the web of the thumb that no longer tolerates 357. Today I finished my testing. I compared a Kimber K6 with 2 inch barrel, a S & W model 60 Pro Series and the new Colt King Cobra 3 inch barrel as well as a S & W 686. This was with 357 158 grain soft point hollow point by Remington. As far as accuracy all were fairly equal. 1. S & W model 60- fuggitaboutit. !! I'd prefer to chop my hand off to get it over with. with 38 it is not bad but not with 357. It was tolerable before my injury that the Doc said he fixed. Now it is unbearable . I will sell it. 2. S & W 686- It hurt for a long time afterwards even though the 686 is a large frame heavy pistol. no longer enjoyable to shoot it. I keep it because I once got it from a deputy I worked with when I was a city officer and soon afterwards he died, so it is more sentimental than anything anyway. 3. Kimber K6s - this one is just fine with 38 but hurts like the devil with 357. I carry it nearly every day but not with 357. 4. New Colt King Cobra - This one was not bad. It bothered me some but no where near like the rest. I will keep it.
  2. No thank you. Maybe for fun I could buy a can of the pumpkin spice spam for the emergency food bag and next time the power goes out make it for supper. Better yet next time a child goes on a school field trip and needs a lunch, pack a sandwich made with pumpkin spice spam
  3. BTT. I can do $1,850 shipped. I will post this to another forum so the first "I'll take it" on the posting gets it.
  4. I felt that yesterday and today Houston seemed to not hustle the same as the Nationals. It felt like they were too confident. Yesterday the left fielder got scared of the wall and stopped short and the ball went by his head and runners scored, then the hitter who thought he hit a home run and realized he better run and cheered himself at second base instead of 3rd or home.
  5. This year seems t be no exception to the yearly debate over which team will do better. The team that finished the playoffs early or the team that only got 1 day of rest before the World Series. Last night and tonight the announcers brought it up. They even said that the team with no rest had a 6-1 record, yet here we are and the rested team won last night and will likely win tonight.(It is 11-2 as I write). Why do they rehash that subject every year?
  6. the 686 has the finger grooved pachmyre. I sold my reloader when I got children that always made sure to "help" me reload . I hated to tell them no because they just want to be wherever I was, but you can't pay attention with a super talkative child. I will try the 44 vaquero I have and see how it does . 38 plus P seem fine right now in a 357.
  7. A while back I pinched my nerve on my neck and as a result the web between your thumb and the next finger is sensitive. I had longed for a Beretta model 85 380 for years and finally bought one and after I pinched that nerve it was unbearable to shoot the Beretta. Now I am finding that if I load 357 rounds into a S & W 686 or a Kimber K6 or a Smith and Wesson Model 60 that I can no longer stand it. The pistol hurts that same area and even though I fired the 686 6 hours ago that web area still hurts. 38 rounds seem fine, just not 357. Last time I shot a 45 auto revolver it felt fine. Just the other day I fired a 4 inch barrel Kimber 1911 and felt no ill effects. Seems the 45 would feel worse than a 357 but right now it is the opposite. I worry if this will get worse over time and other pistols will be unbearable. I went to the dr when I pinched the nerve and things got better but it has been over a year now so I thought it would be better. Any ideas?
  8. I sold one kimber because it jammed once it got dirty, have another one and it does better and is accurate but not thrilled with it like other brands. Miss the Springfield that was my first 1911. It was great. Sold it as had to keep it in the armory so sold it. Miss it.
  9. Partly could be China had a swine flu outbreak so some pork was banned from import
  10. I forgot to add. I test fired it a few years ago and it was accurate and no malfunctions. I then put it in the safe in a gun sock until now
  11. They are correct from my understanding but I don't think they are original.
  12. I want to sell my WW2 Remington Rand 1911 as well as the pistol belt that comes with WW2 suspenders, canteen with cup and pouch, first aid pouch , WW1 dated 1911 magazine pouch and WW2 holster. I want $1,930 shipped and insured for everything. The pistol is in excellent condition with HS barrel that has really clear rifling. The magazine is marked "R". I have more pictures but I also have very slow internet. I will post them if i can later or forward them in an email or text.
  13. My wife and I saw "out of africa" when it came out in the theater on a date before marriage and promptly fell asleep in the theater. Years later it came on TV so we thought we'd try again to see what we missed. It didn't last long before we changed the channel
  14. I've been thinking about getting one as well, and been considering the defender due to price. I want a stainless due to looks. I had a mil spec years ago and miss it. I really don't need one since I have a colt and kimber and others. I just remember the one I had was great.
  15. Moultrie makes a panoramic camera that does well. I have one and like it
  16. Covert wireless are real good and send the pics to your phone.
  17. I just bought a pedersoli carbine for the same price and it is great. Both my 14 and 10 year old sons like shooting it with cowboy loads. Good quality
  18. Local store has some and my 10 year old wants one
  19. i picked up a bench made skinning knife the other day. I have had their pocket knife for a couple of years and always sharp and retained the finish so I figured the skinning knife will do as good. my other brands kept getting dull.
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