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  1. Retail offer was 3500 so I’m open to something above that
  2. I have an offer from an online retailer but will give one more trip around to see if a collector wants it. I might can throw in a front seam helmet if that makes it more interesting
  3. My wife is sick today so I ordered pizza for the kids. Pizza Hut had a deal for 1 topping medium pizzas for $7 so I ordered a thin crust pepperoni and a hand tossed pepperoni. I got a text the pizza was out for delivery. I then got a call asking if I had canceled my order for 2 pepperoni and 1 with meatballs. I clarified what I had ordered and that as I was talking to them their driver was coming down my driveway. the delivery driver left and I opened the pizza boxes and one was pepperoni and chicken on pan crust and the other was Hawaiian with ham, chicken and pineapple. My son was happy but my daughter said “who orders pineapple on pizza?!”. we ate them but my daughter only likes pepperoni. My son doesn’t care.
  4. This should be selling as a new Dan Wesson goes for over 1800.
  5. Looking for a way to carry extra 308 AR mags. I want something like S and W makes for 5.56 AR that my wife says looks like a purse. Holds 3 mags and small storage for tools that has a strap for your shoulder.
  6. If it’s a sow, according to the fellow in Deliverance, you have to tell it to “squeal louda “
  7. I’ve recently started going to a place called restor metabolic and they tell me it’s resistance to insulin and they are working on a weekly therapy to help it. The claim by some is they got off the diabetic meds. I’m not convinced. They are nationwide though so we will see.
  8. Being diabetic means ice cream is a rare treat at best. Chik fil a shakes average above 90 carbohydrates but a cone is 34. Even then it is not advisable. UNLESS; today I put in over 8 hours of farm work. I loaded the planter and planted corn and ran to the store for needed supplies and back to work. I ate left overs for lunch and homemade supper and back and it. By 8:30 my sugar was trending lower and needed to go to tractor supply for something and chik fil a is in the same parking lot. since my sugar was trending lower than usual we all got a shake but I got the cone and spiked at 200 and immediately dropped back and am trending lower again. I guess the cure for diabetes is hours of farm work.
  9. Is this better? It’s been a while please tell me how I can tell
  10. Orange Juice? Oh , a different o j
  11. I want to sell my 1903a4 sniper rifle with 12-43 Remington barrel that still shines . Manufacture name is purposely offset to allow for the scope so the scope does not cover name or serial number so it is an actual sniper rifle not a remake by bubba. Stock has the “K” . Rifle is accurate as I did sight in the scope and took a buck at 180 yards uphill. Rifle includes an aftermarket GI style sling and an original oiler/cleaning kit with brush and thong and I am including an additional package of unissued 10 original thongs. scope is weaver single post model 330 scope. Clear optics. Under the scope mount is a shim to allow sighting in the M84 scope I put on it for a while that also shot well in it. That scope is posted for sale . Shim can be removed. Also includes 5 stripper clips i want $4,500 shipped and insured
  12. After looking at several brands I decided other than the caliber they all feel the same except for the spear. Spear is expensive so I think I will stay like I am for now.
  13. My wife usually goes but I was in town and she texted she needed masking tape and cvs didn’t have it so I tried the grocery store and they had it. while there I passed the freezer section and usually in the end of the aisle freezer they have ice cream cakes and other goodies I like to glance at but not buy. today to my dismay, was bacon and saisage and corn dogs, which at first peaked my interest more than ice cream does UNTIL I realized it was veggie corn dogs, veggie sausage and veggie bacon. Hideous.
  14. I had seen brownells selling the parts to make a 5.56 AR shoot while the stock is folded for 600 , now I see the Sig 5.56 also does that. I had ignored Sig due to the price, buying mostly the smith etc. I really wish the Sig 308 was cheaper. 4,000 sure is high. It have to be my last gun ever.
  15. Try vanilla with lemon on it. Chik fil an even makes a mixture of lemonade and vanilla ice cream and it’s excellent. I put lemon pulp and lemon juice on it and it’s great
  16. I’m finding an AR is about the only thing I can shoot a long time and not be bothered. That’s partly why I am trying to sell things. I look at them and go get an AR instead.
  17. My son is a bad influence and has got me thinking about AR rifles in 308. I held a smith and ruger and Diamondback but none compared to the quality I could feel when I held an Sig Tread. I didn’t buy it but got to looking on line and saw an Sig Tread is around 1700 but an Sig Spear is around $4,000. I’m trying to figure out how the Spear is worth $2,300 more. Best I can figure the main difference is the spear has a folding stock and can be fired while folded . The gas is adjustable for a suppressor by turning a knob, it has a rear AND side charging handle , and is ambidextrous . It seems beefier but otherwise why the extra cost?
  18. Get you a large bowl and put 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream and cut a banana long ways and lay it beside it. Cover one scoop with strawberries and the middle scoop with chocolate and the third scoop with pineapple and some nuts on top and enjoy . later take a cereal bowl out a few cut up strawberries and sprinkle sugar if you want and some whole milk and enjoy. we used to take the dehydrated strawberries in our rations and the packet of coffee creamer and mix the two with enough water to constitute and it was great.
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