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  1. Make me a decent offer. When I first put it up for sale I was about to go under financially due to the economy crashing from virus panic. Things have gotten better now but now my 3 oldest are joining the schools shotgun team. I have to provide the shotguns and I do not have any appropriate shotguns.
  2. I'm going to withdraw the rifle from sale until I can confirm what is wrong
  3. emptied the box some more. I also put the adds for the Colt and Winchester back to the top so you can see the pictures. I have since found that Dixie Gun Works has the replacement spring but I have not ordered it yet.
  4. Now the 10% off Tuesday no longer includes ammo . Cabelas had quality button shirts that last and hold their shape but I can't find them anymore, all I find is the cheap wrinkly redhead bass pro sells. I miss the old Cabelas.
  5. I listed not long ago a 1873 rifle and 1st gen colt made in 1898 with letter. Has been refinished and barrel changed per the letter. 44.40. I'll let the 1873 go for 1000 as it needs a new magazine tube spring but is accurate. 2500 for the colt saa.
  6. I had a good hunting cat that stayed right with my youngest anytime she was outside. We found him in the front yard. Pooped, took a few steps , vomited and died. I looked for bites but his fur was thick. Its the only thing I could figure happened as he was fine earlier
  7. I look at the numbers and see the 6% who got the virus died but then I compare those numbers to the total population and 99.97% of the population lived. Here in G privacy laws prevent them from recording who got better(seems odd to me) and they said most go home to get well so they don't know the number. Imagine its the same elsewhere
  8. Why would you need a physical? Aren't we weightless in space?
  9. We are near South Carolina so we get news from there. A woman had been at someone's house and some water was nearby. She was told the gator there ate a deer recently. She had been drinking wine. She decided to wade waist deep and pet the alligator. He attacked her but she got away. Her next words as she stood in waist deep water was "I'll never do that again " and then it killed her so the game warden killed it.
  10. Here in GA for a while if I went to town and didn't wear a mask i got mean looks. I was among the minority. Today I went to town and only saw 1 with a mask with a changeable filter and the mask looked dingy so he looked like he felt weird. No one else in the feed store was wearing one. I think it is about to change where a lot of folks get tired of it all and go back to normal.
  11. Yes. Sadly there are none in South ga that I know of but told my daughter she can take my pump to the first practice and maybe the other shooters will let her try theirs.
  12. Took my 16 yr old daughter shooting my coach gun and my remington 870 that Wilson modified and smoothed up. She has not shot is 6 years. She got to liking the pump. I then took my two sons to town to hold different ones to see balance and feel. They held beretta , winchester, Hatfield, Tristar, stoeger and benelli. Naturally the 15 yr old liked the benelli. I said no to 1800. My 10 yr old liked the winchester sx4. They want 1000 but they are always high there. I then took them to a store that has better prices but less selection and they had a beretta 300 and the 15 yr old liked it and the remington. The beretta was 700 the remington was 1000. We didn't buy anything yet. We did see on line that mossberg will have a new product designed by Jerry miculek for competition. It looks promising but has a 24 inch barrel.
  13. Maybe surprise her and have some shoot out confetti along with shotshell
  14. totally. It shows a lot of what they gave up and here we are willing to throw it all away .
  15. just for curiosity how are the stoeger over under? I found them for 400. Would that be a good starter at least for the 10 year old to help cut the cost for now?
  16. maybe to keep cost down they can share during a match. If not, then I may need to part with a M1 Garand or something to cut down the cost. I am glad my daughter wants to consider it. she got reclusive the last couple of years which is why we are not going to home school her next year. we had to for a while as there were health problems.
  17. All of my children will go to a private school next year and they have a shotgun team. Even my daughter who hates sports but realizes schools view kids in better light if they participate, wants to try it out. We have to provide the shotguns. We is a reliable but not so expensive shotgun that is good for skeet, trap and clays? The school coach said some use Tristar or Beretta. I never fired either one, but know Beretta is usually good quality. He said they use over/under or semi auto. He said 28inch barrel is average length. Currently my 2 sons do fairly well with my coach gun but that won't work for this. Nt sure how my daughter will do as she refused to go shooting a few years ago and only fired 22 rifles back then.
  18. My 10 year old shoots clays with a double barrel rabbit ear 12 gauge and did when he was 9 as well. His brother did too when he was that young. 7 1/2 shot or 8.
  19. God bless. Glad it is behind you. Maybe start with a boring movie to rest at first like a documentary, then the terminator series to mix with the pain killers, then a John Wayne picture
  20. I have a double barrel 410 as well as a single shot 410 that is new in the box, never untaped when i brought it home from Walmart. The single shot is 120 shipped.
  21. I've often admired the pedersoli 58 remington but never bought one. I've never seen a pedersoli army or navy. Did they ever make one? Is it better than uberti? I've noticed that I can not find the 58 remington anymore.
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