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  1. I showed the pictures that Korupt Karl sent to Schoolmarm!! Damned Good medicine! I think she’d like to grab up the whole bunch of ya’s and hug ya’s ‘til you squeaked!! an aside: Tell Petey the beard looks great!!
  2. I would want one of those original “Black Widows” with the Rochester FI and the six lug wheels and four speed manual transmission. It’s the car that won the Daytona 500 that year with the help of Smokey Yunick!! I’m kinda’ surprised that the Studebaker Daytona Starlight Coupe wasn’t at least mentioned. It set several World Land Speed Records at Bonnieville and was a gorgeous car!!
  3. My sincerest condolences and a prayer for peace and comfort. Please pass this along with our heartfelt sympathy. Blackwater, Shotgun Schoolmarm, and Hatfield.
  4. SOMETHING IS WORKING!! I arrived at the room this morning to find Schoolmarm sitting in a chair! She had already been to an occupational therapy session and a physical therapy session too! Still receiving fluids and her blood sugar fluctuates a lot. Her appetite is still lousy, but everything seems to be moving in the right direction. The texts and phone calls and pictures have really been a spark and the cowboy community is the very best!! YOU FOLKS ROAR!!
  5. I may have put this one up before, but it’s worth a second helping…
  6. An original Ray Charles song! Here’s another one! Ray didn’t write this one, but he made it!!
  7. Angel is still recording! I see where they put out a new album last year.
  8. FORTY!! Look up Robert Irvine’s recipe for Caribou Stew! It’s set up to cook a pound of meat, so I’d half the other ingredients and maybe cook down the veggies and spices a bit before adding the meat! The recipe sounds delicious and there’s nothing too obscure in the ingredients!!
  9. My old Harley has a “two into one” open header with no baffles. When I have someone tailgating me, I’ll flip the ignition off with the bike in high gear for a few hundred feet and wring the throttle three or four times to get a big charge of fuel off into the header. When I flip the ignition back on, it’ll blow a huge fireball and thunder like a cannon. Never had anyone tailgate me a second time!
  10. Should “of”! Would “of” Could “of” ad nauseum!! OF WHAT?? The proper word is HAVE!! The correct contraction is “WOULD’VE”! or “SHOULD’VE”! or “MIGHT’VE”!!! The correct two word expression is “COULD HAVE”!! etc… Some of my Language/English teachers would have failed you for a semester if you ever wrote that for them to see a second time!!
  11. Pretty damned good article!! Best question I’ve heard in a WHILE!!!
  12. I’m a little beat up but the stubborn streak has been aggravated…
  13. I got to the hospital at around 12:30. Brought her a couple of chocolate chip and salted caramel cookies. She had a restless night with an episode of low blood sugar. She’d asked if there was something that she could eat and settled on a popsicle. When I arrived, her sugar numbers were back to normal and she’d eaten some of her breakfast along with some fruit. Her ph numbers are better but not up to proper levels yet. Kidney function has improved and looking a lot better. Still receiving fluids and they are giving her another unit of blood to augment her ph levels. She says to tell everyone thank you for you care and support. The prayers are working!
  14. Yeah! The PowerGlide was an exception to the rule! They kept the rear pump in the PowerGlide until 1967 or so! I’m not certain, but I think that it was the last of the breed. One of my ‘66 Novas was a 327 with a Glide. Great drag car!!
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