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  1. One of our neighboring towns lost a K9 officer this week, killed in the line of duty. A massive effort was made to save his life and he was honored with a large procession at his funeral. The offending miscreant died at the scene of the crime.
  2. Kinda’ like the judge who when asked what the definition of pornography was , replied that he didn’t have a definition for it but he knew what it was when he saw it! (and your use of “whom” is incorrect)
  3. It is in everyone’s best interest to remember that “fast food” is NEITHER!!
  4. THIS information needs to be POUNDED into the campaign conversation!! Shout it from every direction and at every opportunity!!!
  5. Strength in numbers!! It needs to be effectively put to good use!!!
  6. Another judge legislating from the bench!! She should be immediately removed!!
  7. The area where I live is pretty open and welcoming. New folks have moved in over the forty years that we’ve lived here and most have stayed and flourished! Those that failed and fled are the ones who tried to force their ideas of how we should live and “this is how we did it where I come from” demands that were neither welcome nor wanted. I have made that, “We’re glad you’re here but leave your garbage where you came from!” speech a time or two!
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