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  1. That last one is Jim Croce: Speedball Tucker Try this one! I’m gonna rent myself a house, In the shade of the freeway, I’m gonna pack my lunch in the morning, And go to work each day. And when the evening rolls around, I’ll go on home and lay my body down. And when the morning light comes streaming in, I’ll get up and do it again!
  2. Don’t have any I can spare, but I can suggest GAD Custom. I buy Federals cut down to fit my 1901 from them. Usually, a bag of 100 is reasonable and they will assemble and sell boxes of 25 to your order.
  3. I drive a broke down rig on maypop tires, Forty foot of overload. Some people say that I’m crazy, Because I don’t know how to take it slow. I got a broomstick on the throttle, I got ‘er opened up and headed right down. Nonstop back to Dallas, Poppin’ those West Coast Turnarounds!!
  4. Jezebel turned 13 today! Schoolmarm says she’s gonna start acting out and talking back!!
  5. Time for another one!! I had nothin’ to do on this hot afternoon, But to sit down and write you a line. I’ve been meanin’ to phone ya’, but from Minnesota, Hell It’s been a mighty long time...
  6. No sir! But! It IS a band with great arrangements and fabulous instrumentation! I’ll spill. Blood Sweat And Tears: Go Down Gamblin’! I sometimes find myself wishing that my band included horns!! On occasions when horn players sit in with us, it’s remarkable what we can do!!
  7. Let’s see who gets that one!! Great band!!
  8. You would probably be wanting your money back!! Try this one! Born a natural loser, I can’t recall just where, Raised on brew and poker and a dollar here and there. Blackjack hand, dealer man. You better pay off that last bet! Two bit hand of twenty-one is all I ever get!
  9. Manipulation and collusion with bad actors by the media?? Whodathunkit??
  10. Good Jazz is great music and improvisation is part of it. That part of Jazz is what makes great Rock and Blues jams what they are!! Corea was maybe one of the best Jazz artists EVER and his music and STYLE spanned much more than Jazz in the music world!! He’ll be missed!!
  11. Just so’s everyone is aware, the 1903 Curved Dash Oldsmobile was the first mass produced automobile!! It was rear engine!!
  12. I just hope that when all the impeachment crap is over that someone is able to successfully excoriate these self serving, “Hey! Look at ME!” politicians for wasting their time and our money in this USLESS, counterproductive, divisive exercise in wasteful futility!! They should follow the advice given in the title of their major benefactor’s, (George Soros) website, MOVE ON!! And yeah, Sue!! You’re right!!
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