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  1. Hey, Brother Joe!! There’s a question of dress code at the bottom of the last page!! The doc says I ain’t allowed to walk around yet!! I’ll be mostly setting on my stool or riding around on something!! I might try shootin’ long range and the Cowboy Olympics!! ANYHOW!! I’ll be there Monday!! Figure out how to put me to some use!! Fixin’ hats Tuesday and Wednesday! After that, it’ll depend on what’s needed!! SE YA’S MONDAY!!!
  2. I’m thinking we’re gonna need Copperhead to andwer this one!!
  3. HEY SCARLETT!!! Are you coming to Black Gold??
  4. Anybody got a clue as to what vendors are going to be there?? I’m sure there’s gonna be folks looking to resupply!! I WILL be doing hat repair on Wednesday for sure! Thursday and Friday will depend on what I’m allowed to do by the doc and Schoolmarm!!
  5. The folks at Paradise Pass are fabulous hosts! Helpful and supportive of vendors and shooters alike! I too would be a regular if I were closer! YEAH! Scarlett!! Get some rest!! We wanna’ see y’all at Black Gold next week!!
  6. As to relaying this message to the idiot president, “WASTED WORDS!! WON’T NEVER BE HEARD!!” Lyin’ Joe ain’t listenin’!!
  7. Same here. I read, last night, that the city council, or whatever they call themselves, passed a resolution directing local law enforcement to co-operate with federal law enforcement and enforce federal statutes. This in violation of the state law that was recently passed.
  8. Again last night, on the local CBS station, although they DID show footage of some of those arrested, absolutely no mention of their ethnicity or of a “militia” was made!
  9. Watching “Streets of Laredo” the other night, I was reminded that George Carlin was one hell of an actor as well as a comedian! The character he played is captivating and he disappeared into the role!! Whoda’thunkit?? George Carlin!! A cowboy actor!!
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