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  1. I’d have lost thirty pounds!! That’s the approximate weight of my @ss, which I would have laughed off before I left!!
  2. Or one of any of thousands of places that sell your information to anyone who will pay for it, including most of the search engines we use, whether they admit it or not!!
  3. Pat! Try an all beef, low sodium bologna. Ya hafta shop around for it or order it on line, but it’s a treat when you get the good stuff!!
  4. Smoked bologna ain’t bad, but a good fried bologna sagwidge with, (mayonnaise or mustard) some spicy dill pickle, a thick slice of fresh tomato, and good ol’ American cheese, salt and pepper to taste, on thick sliced plain white bread, served up with some ice cold RC cola or some fresh brewed sweet tea! On a hot afternoon, there’s not much better, especially if ya’s finish it off with a big ol’ Moon Pie in your choice of chocolate, banana, or vanilla!!
  5. Lead Ringer called a few minutes ago! Says he and his are doing fine. “Working my butt off!” says he!! He said to tell everyone thanks for thinking about him!!
  6. Nobody thought to review the shots on the timer!!
  7. Precisely what I was referring to! Dump targets, round count stages, hey, Texas Stars and reactive targets where there’s no shooting order are all great opportunities. There’s a place for it if it’s allowed!! Most of the shooters good enough to do it are also willing to risk having misses called if the calls are made fairly.
  8. You’re essentially correct! HOWEVER! The natural fact is that a shooter competing in the gunfighter style can have a gun in each hand and is perfectly capable of shooting two rounds at two separate targets or two rounds at the same target at the same time. He is prevented from doing so by rule rather than by physics. Whether this is fair or not is a matter of perspective. A tallented shooter who can hit two targets at once or fire two shots at the same target at the same time is prevented from performing at his/her best. No other style or category explicitly prevents its participants from doing their absolute best in this way. I ain’t saying that it’s right or wrong. I don’t shoot in the Gunfighter categories anymore due to issues with one of my hands. I know if it were allowed and I was able, I’d certainly want to do my best and what they call double discharging would be an option!
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