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  1. Is this a place where you take an examination 'test' in a 'cubicle'? ..........Widder
  2. Today is also 'Cupid's birthday...... Me and the Bunkhouse Boss have enjoy Val day for 39 years. If love was bliss..... I would be a big blister. And I might add that its been the best 5 years of her life..... Happy Valentines Day to all the Wire Ladies. You all make us old saddle tramps feel good..... ..........Widder
  3. A dog stood on a burning deck A ring of fire around his neck........ HOT DOG! ..........Widder
  4. Folks usually call me to get contact info for Lumpy..... Then they call Lumpy for gun info and to borrow $$$$. ..........Widder
  5. Cottonmouth, sent you an email. I got some kin folk down in Winter Park. ..........Widder
  6. EVIL, CCI small pistol primers are great. As to the hardness, I don't know because I think Federal now makes those primers. Others with more knowledge can chime in, but feel lucky you found em, assuming the pricing was right. ..........Widder
  7. Who's operating the drone? My guess is that all this is taking place a couple miles out from shore. Interesting. ..........Widder
  8. She owes you a HUG next time you see her... That's why I buy ALL my bullets from Scarlett, 1 bullet at a time. Each purchase comes with a hug... p.s. - I use her 100 gr bullets also. They work great in Vaqueros and the Marlin 1894. ..........Widder
  9. I agree. Ya know what ticks me off..... Walmart (and other stores) post signs declaring "Mask Required". But when you go into the stores, there is always a dozen or so shoppers without mask, and dozens of snot nose kids running around with no mask, touching and rubbing everything, picking up all the tater chip bags and candy bars and putting them back on the shelf. The store managers won't enforce their own rules/guidelines. ..........Widder
  10. I also have a couple .460 Rowland's that will sometimes travel with me in the truck. Heaven have mercy should they ever have to 'strut their stuff'. Thought about naming them Gabriel and Michael... ..........Widder
  11. I think they heard some ornery Cowboy from Arkansas was comin to town and they're trying to hide... But, It's kinda hard to hide a few hundred guns..... ..........Widder
  12. 1. I think I mentioned it was on the lower floor. If ya want to be technical, they don't call it their basement Technically, a .38 isn't really a .38 caliber. Technically, a .44 isn't a .44 caliber. Who cares about technicalities in the Saloon? ..........Widder
  13. Lovin Spoonful..... You didn't have to be so nice.
  14. Deacon, The Oak Ridge Outlaws shoot on the 2nd Sat of the month. You can find info at: oakridgeoutlaws.org While in Sevierville, be sure to visit Smoky Mtn Knife Works (largest knife store in the world) and they have a good size gun section in the lower floor. On the opposite corner is Bud's Gun store. Its just as large. Two big gun stores within 100 yards of each other. Sevierville is probably 1-hour drive to the Oak Ridge club. Safe travels. ..........Widder
  15. How can the Moderators be prejudice against a dead person? How can they possibly delete a historical post by someone who longer exist? Who is this Waimea impersonator? Could it be 'Preacherman'? ..........Widder
  16. Want for my B'day next month? EAA Witness Elite Match 10mm or..... CZ457 Varmint 17HMR ..........Widder
  17. Pocket Knife SIG P229 Legend .357 Sig SIG P320, also in .357 Sig Mostly, on my person is the P320 and my P229 is beside my seat. ..........Widder
  18. I would designate their usage for practice rounds only, if I had any doubt. OR, only reload a couple boxes with them and if you get 100% ignition with them, then you can feel more comfortable using the rest of them. P.S. - how do you know what rat pee smells like? ..........Widder
  19. Howdy Warden. Me and you think alike..... ..........Widder
  20. Pit Bull, you didn't specify WHICH .32, but if its for .32 H&R cases, here are my favorites: Load data listed works great for bullet weights 78 gr up to 100 gr. 1. Clean Shot 3.0 - 3.2 gr Meters better than any powder I've tried and super consistent in its velocities 2. Red Dot 3.0 - 3.2 gr another great powder 3. Bullseye 2.8 gr Best accuracy and probably the cleanest. 4. Titegroup 2.6 gr If you close your eyes, TiteGroup is as good as the other 3 in all aspects. I've tested Unique (3
  21. Howdy Bugler. Depending upon the die set, it IS possible to reload .454 ammo with .45 Colt dies and/or .460 dies. If your individual die has enough room to set the lock ring correctly, there should be no reason why you couldn't use .45 Colt dies. 1. Resize/Deprime die: If your die is hollowed out long enough internally, you should be able to use the same die without any adjustment. AND..... you should be able to use the .460 die without any adjustments. Expander die: You can back the expander stem back out to the appropriate length to give you wh
  22. Howdy Griff. If the rifle can handle the pressures, you can load those Cowboy 45 Specials to .45 Super ballistics. ..........Widder
  23. You can do about anything ya want to with a Marlin..... if ya got enough aspirin. P.S. - The aspirin is for the headaches you'll encounter before you achieve success..... ..........Widder
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