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  1. Bad, send me an e-mail so I can contact you with an offer on the rest of the .45-70 brass. I can't figure out how to send a private message here. Thanks, cowrustler

  2. Dawg, e-mail me at billcurran44@gmail.com  I can't figure out SASS's method of deleting e-mails. I wish they would spend some money on their software, cowrustler

  3. I don't have any brass but I do have 3 or 4 boxes of factory ammunition. Would need about $50/box if any interest, Bill (aka cowrustler)

  4. dahoney, got the pants today. Thank you- very nice, cowrustler

  5. Jack, money sent via Paypal for the 2nd vest, cowrustler

  6. Back 40, the check went in today's mail. Again my apologies- senility must be setting in. :) cowrustler

    1. Back 40 #23910 L

      Back 40 #23910 L

      No Problem Pard,    I'll get the lead coming your way.   Thanks

  7. Ron, I've got a Ruger Single Six, old style, not converted, very nice with an unusual 4&5/8" barrel (only made for 2 years, 1959 and 1960 if I remember right). $500. I'm down north of Edgemont so I would guess we could avoid shipping, Bill

  8. Ben, I may have one but I've got it sitting up at the Newcastle gun show on my table and can't measure the barrel. The barrel extends slightly beyond the ejector rod. I will get in touch tomorrow if it doesn't sell, cowrustler

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