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  1. The article mentions shutting down the highway because it was near the planned impact area. In Oct ‘67 I was in the S3 in our battalion HQ in Grafenwoehr when we heard two loud booms, no, BOOMS nearby. Soon there was a report to Range Control about rounds going off on the tank trail (aka dirt road) then “RANGE CONTROL TO ALL ALPHA UNITS, CEASE FIRE REPEAT CEASE FIRE” followed by a roll call to all units to assure that they got the message, then another roll call to get the most recent azimuths and such to figure out whodunnit. An eight inch unit had overshot the impact area. Fortunately the only casualty was a Jeep radiator.
  2. Yes, previously, women walked three meters behind their husbands. Now only the favored wife walks behind her husband.
  3. Most Russian vodka I grain based,the whole potato thing is a myth.
  4. When I was in the artillery, ‘65-‘68, it was 105, 155, 175, and 8”, as well as a few missiles, such as Sergeant missiles, maybe another missile. The 105s seem to have gone away. The 175s are in some allied armies, the 155 and 8” got longer tubes but the 8” went away, maybe to allied armies. It seems that all that’s left is 155. it appears that the nuclear artillery got dumbed down and then went away.
  5. If she does not get bored with it, plan a mini vacation at a dark sky park or preserve.
  6. I suspect Russia was hit very hard by the virus. Death counts just don’t mesh. And Russians cut in line so much that any attempt at social distancing is futile.
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