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  1. Want to buy Sambar Stag grips for a Ruger Vaquero birdshead grip frame.
  2. I think in general, new production Ruger Vaquero's are few and far between....none of my wholesalers have any in stock. Secondary markets of used guns may have some. Just my opinion and experience...
  3. I have the Winchester 94' Golden Spike still new in the box. I wouldn't say its especially fantastic. Generally the commemorative's are the same gun with extra embellishments. Value is in the eye of the holder--some folks really like commemorative firearms though.
  4. They have a good grip. They are a lot of work to fit, and then bring the polish back out.
  5. Unique-38 special with 3.9 grs, and 125 bullet is a great cowboy load
  6. Terri at the Online Outpost has been selling cowboy gunparts for close to ten years. She has taken on The Smith Shop's sales and most of the inventory. She has strived to be a one stop shop for cowboy gun parts and will indeed take good care of you.
  7. Here is a high condition early type 1, 357 flat top for comparison. Not for sale...
  8. Yea, the Tres Rios Bandidos are still alive and kicking in Farmington! Should be back to 2nd and 4th Sunday's in March! If NM governor don't interfere with San Juan county
  9. If you only need a few, check out these https://www.toxictargets.com/ I have used a few and they work good. Without breaking the bank They hang on a T post and come in 1/4" and 3/8" AR500 This one is ~ 12 x 20. They come in different sizes, etc
  10. If, for no other reason, think of your TO and other posse members..
  11. Nice camo pattern on her dress. State of the art for it's time. 🍻
  12. Michael, thanks for the kind words about your Vaquero's. Glad they are shootin good for you, Ken Griner (El Mulo)

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