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  1. Good work Roger! Congrats. My son and I got a couple nice ones a month ago on public land north east nm.
  2. I believe this is what you're looking for. I had it on a 94' for a couple deer seasons. Doesn't require any drilling or tapping other holes.
  3. I have made a bench block fixture for uberti bolts for many years. Also sold at Online Outpost. Quite handy for removing extractors. https://onlineoutpost.net/product/extractor-lower-tab-remover-bolt-block-uberti-1873-1866-1860/
  4. Robert, I'll take it. Let me know where to send money. Thxs, El Mulo
  5. Here are some new Cimarron/Daudson Armory 1878's. It feels lighter and trimmer than the China 78', also the pistol grip stock is much thinner in that area. The quality of the fit/finish on the Chinese 78' was dropping in recent shipments. The fit and finish on these are ~ok. 2 3/4" chamber Only time will tell how well they hold up. I have not put any firing use on one yet, I just got these today.
  6. Like Widder, I prefer an 18 1/4" in a solid frame. Takedowns balance a little different. That said most folks are probably in the 20" or so camp
  7. Here's one I finished recently. Old 3 screw Super Blackhawk 44 mag, S&W ribbed 44 barrel, Colt pattern grip frame.
  8. Did you get to visit the Salty Dawg in Homer? Plaster a dollar bill on the wall..
  9. That's Lucy Trigger. A real fine engraver as well!
  10. Living the dream Roger, love the pics! Carry on..
  11. If you only need a few, check out these https://www.toxictargets.com/ I have used a few and they work good. Without breaking the bank They hang on a T post and come in 1/4" and 3/8" AR500 This one is ~ 12 x 20. They come in different sizes, etc
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