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  1. I have received guns from them for customers. The guns seem to be as represented and the customers happy. For what its worth, anyway
  2. They have perfected the ability to create an hour long show out of finding a piece of wood. I am far to invested in the show to stop now...
  3. This has not been my experience, they use good hard steel that a file slides across. I like a good SKB, and the CZ Sharptail are good but different. If you've been shooting an skb you'll probably stick with it.
  4. I have this one. Was new stock with a light ding in it, shown in pic. Also new front stock for 24" rifle (longer). Pm if interested **butt stock sold to KingSnake***forearm sold to barleycorn
  5. The Baikal are great guns for CAS. Here are some pics of the low profile extractor I did on many when they were available. Also the hold open feature and reverse triggers
  6. I have this rolling block action and new Green Mountain 45 cal 35" barrel. Unsure of manufacture on rolling block, possibly an in the white "Star" . I bought the action probably 20+ years ago. Would like to sell together.
  7. I put this pdf file on disassembling the ttn 1878 a few years ago. Maybe you'll find it helpful1878 disassembly3.pdf Looks like Abilene already has you covered!
  8. The large caliber (45, 44-40) bolts do not have replaceable bolt tabs, only the small caliber bolts (38-357) have the replaceable lower tabs. You're gonna need to replace sooner or later, as your extractor is working double duty now
  9. Browning + ! while not made any more is an excellent reproduction...and no tang safety
  10. Kinda along the same lines as a puzzle. I would hate buying a used puzzle, put it together, and find out there's missing pieces...
  11. Often times the cartridge stops do not hold the shell back evenly. One side is longer and cocks the shell over to the other cartridge stop, creating feeding issues. Make sure both cartridge stops are working together
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