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  1. I have a NIB Cimarron 1873, 45, 19" saddle ring carbine. Model CA280AS1 in my inventory. I would sell with completed action work/shortstroked. Pm me for details
  2. Often times the cartridge stops do not hold the shell back evenly. One side is longer and cocks the shell over to the other cartridge stop, creating feeding issues. Make sure both cartridge stops are working together
  3. Bump for a nice rifle at a great price. This model is a Cimarron Saddle rifle, 18" octagon barrel, checkered straight stock and it does have crescent buttplate.
  4. Congrats to Bad Chad on the Overall!
  5. Reattaching the slide stop on the mag tube is an easy fix. Remove it, find the original placement to mark, drill 4 holes out in the stop and silver solder in place again. It is one of the common fixes on a 97'. I have done many. Good luck
  6. We shot an "1883" stage this last weekend that was fun. 4 targets using both pistol and rifle. 1-8-8-3. 10 pistol, 10 rifle, then 4 shotgun knock down. Ol' Ruff Cobb comes up with some good stages!
  7. 45-70 brass and bullets for sale 250 Starline nickel 45-70 NEW 100 Rem 300gr jhp 110 405 laser cast 250 300 gr magnus $325 for all including flat rate shipping in us
  8. I'm interested in #9. Do you have any pictures? Hardback & dustcover
  9. I have bought Ponsness Warren presses on ebay used. If nothing comes up here. Great loaders both the 375, and 800!
  10. A Ponsness Warren 375 or 800 for me. The 375 is a single shell at a time, but with the taper crimp die, it produces an extreme quality shell that drops right in a case checker for months after their loaded
  11. There may be more crotch holster rule breakers than shotshell belt bra rule breakers!
  12. I believe that to be true, despite Larsen's find. I have not seen a new Ruger Vaquero available from any wholesaler for going on 2 years. This pic from a couple years ago shipment.
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