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  1. My friend Glenn Shelby has used this one to win many national and world IDPA CDP titles. They are fine pistols!
  2. I have a TTN 1878, coachgun for sale. Pm me for details and pics
  3. I resurrected/rebuilt this ~40 year old, single stage, Ponsness Warren 375 Duomatic in 12 and 20 gauge I bought off ebay for $175. Put another $100 in it for taper crimp dies. It puts out a phenomenal shell that drops right in a shell checker everytime. Win AA stay crimped, don't start opening up, months after loading.
  4. I have fit a second barrel single lug barrel set to a double lug skb before so they could have a 2nd barrel skb gun set. It can be done with only modifying the single lug set. Takes time and fitting
  5. 5 uberti, 357 4 3/4" barrels,-new takeoffs. Marked Uberti/Cimarron/Evil Roy 2 with wide sights, 3 with narrow model p sights $55 each shipped Or pair for $100 shipped
  6. YES That is my assumption as well. Contrary to what the owners said.....
  7. Here are two examples. Both factory stock. The 73' with damaged links, sheared the pin in the links creating excess heads pace. 357 The 66' in 44-40 is and old uberti. The frame is stretched and tweaked badly. The side plates and top parallel are the indicators. The bolt would not cycle. This rifle is a wall hanger
  8. Try this, they have lots of parts for them. pre64win.com
  9. Finding a Rainmaker may be difficult, with only about 300 made.
  10. Sorry, for delay. Sent you a pm with info
  11. I had to buy specific boxes in bulk from Uline to fit the large case that SASS Vaquero's came in. It costs significantly more to ship than flat rate. I expect I'll be buying boxes for singles and pairs now as well....and cost to ship will go up...
  12. Bob Calkins at Three Cross Leather here in NM. I can PM you his info if you want
  13. Go with the Sig 365! 12 round mags plus one in the chamber
  14. If you only need a few, check out these https://www.toxictargets.com/ I have used a few and they work good. Without breaking the bank They hang on a T post and come in 1/4" and 3/8" AR500 This one is ~ 12 x 20. They come in different sizes, etc
  15. If, for no other reason, think of your TO and other posse members..
  16. Nice camo pattern on her dress. State of the art for it's time. 🍻
  17. Michael, thanks for the kind words about your Vaquero's. Glad they are shootin good for you, Ken Griner (El Mulo)

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