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  1. I had one die in front of me many years ago. Called in report of reckless driving. Clocked him at over 100. When the crash (single vehicle) was over, we found he was a wanted felon, with outstanding warrants for rape, armed robbery and kidnapping. The car was stolen, and loaded down with stolen goods from various store and storage building burglaries. Not every one I chased was that bad, but several were, including two escapees (different chases) from State Prisons.
  2. Nostalgically, 44 Winchester. Realistically, 45 Colt, only if it's in a gun that can handle Ruger level loads.
  3. Was it general hybotchery or explicit hybotchery? Might have to limit his exposure to sensitive competitors.
  4. Got a pair of Colts with ivory grips. Got lots of wheelguns with wood grips. Most of my autos have wood grips. A few don't. A Sig P229 with Hogue rubber grips, a LC9 that is so slim that it's unnoticeable under a tee shirt. I do own two Glocks...both are deep concealment house guns, and don't get carried. My workhorse 1911s mostly wear G10 grips, as do a couple of my revolvers. I do have several Colt revolvers that came with hard rubber grips, including a New Service from 1912, and a 1917 Police Positive Special.
  5. Got the book several years ago. Loved it. Will watch the movie.
  6. 44 Hand Ejector. Factory nickel, correct barrel length, grips serial numbered to the gun. S&W letter indicates it was shipped in 1940. Serial number indicates it was one of about the last 800 shipped before WWII brought a halt to production on the 44 Hand Ejector.
  7. “Jimmy passed away peacefully on the night of September 1st surrounded by his family, friends, music and dogs,” a statement posted to Buffett’s official website and social media pages said late Friday. “He lived his life like a song till the very last breath and will be missed beyond measure by so many.”
  8. +1 for Youtube. I recently found a channel of instrumental blues, called the blues lounge. I can spend hours with it playing in the background of whatever I'm doing.
  9. It's good to be the King. 2017 HD Road King Classic.
  10. I have two local hardware stores. One is only open M-F, from 7 am to 5 pm. I work until 4:30 with a 25 minute commute. The other is a combination hardware store/convenience store. They have about 40 to 50% stock of common hardware items. Mostly plumbing supplies like connection lines and fittings for cpvc. Almost no stock of nails, screws or bolts. So, I usually end up driving 12 miles to either Lowes or Home Depot. Home Depot has better service, but higher prices. Lowes has better prices, but it's a one in 3 chance that you'll have to use self checkout (unless you are buying lumber...that register is always manned).
  11. Candy bar: Milky Way (the dark chocolate version when they came around). Other candy: Black jelly beans.
  12. A quick look will tell you. Should be a JM stamp if it's NOS.
  13. I'm scheduled to help with the Rimfire Challenge here in North Alabama in October. I'll shoot my 10/22 and a Colt Gold Cup with a 22 conversion kit on it, both in the limited category (iron sights, no compensators).
  14. We got the sign at the road all duded up. Many thanks to Hawk Spivey for taking care of this task!
  15. Send me your contact info, either p pal or I can drop a check. I'll kick in a few bucks too.
  16. I've shot IDPA and USPSA with him. He's a cool guy, and really competitive.
  17. I picked up a SIG P229 Legion in .40 S&W for a song when the anti-40 craze hit a few years ago. Found a 357 SIG barrel that was a drop in for $40. I've shot it in IDPA competition with the 357 SIG barrel in place a few times. Can't remember the last time I carried the gun with either barrel in place.
  18. You don't want to know the number of people I've seen who brought a box of 357 SIG ammo to the cash register intended for their 357 magnum revolver.
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