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  1. Mary, I spent 60 years in OH and had some good friends there, hunted, fished, rode motorcycles, raced dirt bikes, ruined a marriage, found SASS & met & shot with Rye Miles & Purdy Boy & Split Rail & Stone Creek Drifter along the way. The only suggestion I can give ya is get a place below Columbus. Something about the Southern half of the state is just more appealing to me. Cincinnati latitude weather is light years ahead of Cleveland & it's lake effect snow & the further ya get South, the warmer the people seem too. The topography is better as you go South too. Good luck in your quest & say "Hi" to Buick fer me !!
  2. If this is separate from the loading table, it looks great !
  3. If you buy a Lyman, keep the bowl from the FA. It works better for me than the Lyman bowl.
  4. I don't remember seeing so much different Hodgdon powder available in the last decade.......
  5. +1 I use about 2# of BBB steel shot.
  6. If you leave them in vinegar for more than a couple minutes or so the solution starts turning green. That's the copper dissolving out of the brass. Just tumble some more if they bother you. Or load 'em & shoot 'em. No one will know they're a little cruddy inside ! :D
  7. It might be good to mention the rifle targets are not 1/2"AR 500 steel so lower power rifle loads will probably be appreciated.
  8. Here's a 24" Yellow Boy. Mighty fine looking rifle ........45 colt, .44-40, .38 sp http://www.uberti.com/1866-yellowboy-rifle
  9. Prairie Dawg has Longshot Logan's article, I'm sure. Or PM me an email address.
  10. Nothing wrong with your memory Titus. I would vote for 4 stages if asked.
  11. I like the "participation awards" at the Bar 3 monthly shoots. More food than you can eat & still make it back to your car. Yeah, it's a potluck but the club puts in plenty of food along with the shooters and I have never, ever heard a complaint in the 6 years I have shot there. The past regionals and current annuals have been generous in category awards based on the number of category shooters.. At the last annual a gun was given away every hour the stages were being shot. All shooting awards there are earned. T shirts and/or coffee mugs are in the shooter's packs.
  12. Now you're just braggin, but man o man those are purty !
  13. Amen. Teach them the real world - not the everybody is a winner stuff they get in school ........
  14. Back at ya & say "Hi" to your brother !
  15. I would guess yes. Every one I've been to around here is just like Frontiersman only with a single shot rifle.
  16. I would guess 4 stages max. Figure at least 4 rifle per stage. Maybe Griff will chime in.
  17. I will be happy to share my 12 ga Baikal & even provide the shells to get you to shoot it.
  18. The shot migrates the same way small pistol primers do - in the tread of the soles of shoes !
  19. Reminds me of the time a friend & I went canoeing down a small river in Ohio on New Years day. Yeah, we dumped it all right & I have since gained a little more common sense & now live in Texas. :D
  20. Please let TBone or Ellie know if you're interested in shooting Plainsman. Griff has volunteered to run it as a side match if there are enough shooters interested.
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