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  1. Sure - but if you drop it , even with only one cap installed, you're done for the day. Not sure why one would want to do it.
  2. Split SG pairs. Shucking SG shells before starting to move to next SG targets. Split pistols. Holstering before moving and not drawing second pistol till you get to second targets.
  3. I remember shooting there one morning when we started at about 8 deg. Yeah, I SURE remember it all right !! Tusco shooters are TOUGH - or is that TOUCHED ! I can't really criticize too much on account of I was there. - Good times ! Edit: I'm pretty sure Rye wasn't there ......... :lol: :lol:
  4. Mary, I spent 60 years in OH and had some good friends there, hunted, fished, rode motorcycles, raced dirt bikes, ruined a marriage, found SASS & met & shot with Rye Miles & Purdy Boy & Split Rail & Stone Creek Drifter along the way. The only suggestion I can give ya is get a place below Columbus. Something about the Southern half of the state is just more appealing to me. Cincinnati latitude weather is light years ahead of Cleveland & it's lake effect snow & the further ya get South, the warmer the people seem too. The topography is better as you go South too.
  5. If this is separate from the loading table, it looks great !
  6. If you buy a Lyman, keep the bowl from the FA. It works better for me than the Lyman bowl.
  7. I don't remember seeing so much different Hodgdon powder available in the last decade.......
  8. If you leave them in vinegar for more than a couple minutes or so the solution starts turning green. That's the copper dissolving out of the brass. Just tumble some more if they bother you. Or load 'em & shoot 'em. No one will know they're a little cruddy inside ! :D
  9. It might be good to mention the rifle targets are not 1/2"AR 500 steel so lower power rifle loads will probably be appreciated.
  10. Here's a 24" Yellow Boy. Mighty fine looking rifle ........45 colt, .44-40, .38 sp http://www.uberti.com/1866-yellowboy-rifle
  11. Prairie Dawg has Longshot Logan's article, I'm sure. Or PM me an email address.
  12. Nothing wrong with your memory Titus. I would vote for 4 stages if asked.
  13. I like the "participation awards" at the Bar 3 monthly shoots. More food than you can eat & still make it back to your car. Yeah, it's a potluck but the club puts in plenty of food along with the shooters and I have never, ever heard a complaint in the 6 years I have shot there. The past regionals and current annuals have been generous in category awards based on the number of category shooters.. At the last annual a gun was given away every hour the stages were being shot. All shooting awards there are earned. T shirts and/or coffee mugs are in the shooter's packs.
  14. Now you're just braggin, but man o man those are purty !
  15. Amen. Teach them the real world - not the everybody is a winner stuff they get in school ........
  16. Back at ya & say "Hi" to your brother !
  17. I would guess yes. Every one I've been to around here is just like Frontiersman only with a single shot rifle.
  18. I would guess 4 stages max. Figure at least 4 rifle per stage. Maybe Griff will chime in.
  19. I will be happy to share my 12 ga Baikal & even provide the shells to get you to shoot it.
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