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  1. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/01/01/1-chicagos-bloodiest-years-ends-with-762-homicides.html
  2. I thought the same thing, but went (pretty much) by the recipe. No, they don't have a bite. I think the acid from the lemon juice as well as the little bit of sugar, tames them.
  3. Interesting paint scheme.
  4. Maybe try substituting parsnips or jicama for the radishes. Or sliced baby beets.
  5. From Weight Watchers: I set my mandolin to 2mm which was about right for the radishes, but too thin for the melon and cucumber, next time I'll go to 4mm for those. I had it along with some mildly spicy lamb sausage tonight. Great pairing. This is going to become a regular for us, especially once the weather turns warm. Very refreshing.
  6. There was nothing saying she was a homesteader. Her clothing does suggest she was a Woman of Means. Nice jacket that is nicely trimmed, nice blouse with a fancy pin holding the collar closed,. As you point out, fancy gauntlets. A scarf, maybe silk, a well made bonnet. As Alpo pointed out, a fairly new rifle. I did a bit of digging and found: http://www.theoutdoorwire.com/features/228076 which has the caption, "Augusta "Gusty" Higgins Farnham, circa 1895. Photo courtesy of Museum of Northwest Colorado" and OH! Take another look at how that belt nips in her waist. Those dresses can add a a lot of weight to a woman. While she isn't model-anorexic, she ain't "Junk Food Addict Fat" either
  7. Good to see the kid enjoying it. But.. Get some hearing protection on him! Otherwise by the time he's 25 he'll be saying 'WHAT?" when anyone starts talking to him.
  8. No offense, 10 Chain, but I have a feeling you weren't anywhere near as cute!
  9. Had to look that one up. Always nice to add a new one. Thanks.
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/BONVKMHhqfU/?taken-by=oruzhiye
  11. Found on https://www.facebook.com/theamericanwestenthusiast/
  12. Roger that! Takes 25 years or more to realize you aren't 25 anymore!
  13. Requiescat In Pace, Guglielmus PASADENA, CA -- William Christopher, the actor best known for his role as Father John Mulcahy on the hit TV show "M*A*S*H," died on Saturday, his family confirmed to Eyewitness News.
  14. All the stupid things you did between the ages of about 15 and 35, when you were immortal and unbreakable?
  15. Just that, it was a minor course of study for you. Often it is a sidebar that is useful to the major. A physics major might minor in math. A geology major might minor in geography. Or, it might be totally unconnected at all just to give some relief. A math major might minor in music or pottery.
  16. Let us not forget some of the other "FUs" JANFU - Joint Army Navy Foul Up JAMFU - Joint Army Marine Foul Up JAFFU - Just Air Force Foul Up
  17. No more years, and you come out with a BA in Accounting and able to say you minored in English.
  18. You noticed that too, eh? Different times, different standards, I guess. I would say equally as interesting but in a different way. Great video, thanks.
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