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  1. Riding on ice. I doubt that there was a lot of wear on them
  2. That was their original in 1960. In '61 they moved to San Diego and dropped the L and A from it.
  3. Truckee, CA "http://fox40.com/2017/01/12/chp-officers-escort-drifting-fedex-on-snowy-i-80/" NEVADA COUNTY — Video posted by the California Highway Patrol office in Truckee shows a FedEx truck drifting along a snow-dusted Interstate 80 Thursday. The video was shared more than 216,000 times in just eight hours, and got more than 6 million views. In a comment on the video, the CHP explains what happened: “OK the rumor mill is spinning on this video, and the theories have been great. So the Story, the driver had jackknifed at the top of the grade. When the driver had lost it at the top of the hill, he had broke the air lines to his rear trailer. This caused the brakes on the rear trailer to lock up. We arrived on scene and were informed the tow was going to be extended. So we asked the driver if he could get himself going and we would give him space to get down to the next open shoulder on the Interstate. 20 minutes later he was off the highway and we were open with flowing traffic.” video here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/local/crime/article126093064.html
  4. They had a good one, gathering dust since 1960 Yeah, it could use a little touch up. But THIS???
  5. Good lord! You mean almost everyone here is a liberal?
  6. Perfect response. Looks like it might not have been his first time on that trail..
  7. Nope, that would make you a wait for it.............. wait for it.................. wait for it.................... Tender Foot!
  8. So if you start eating the crust of a whole double-cheese and sausage pizza and work your way exactly half way around, you’ll have eaten 3.14159 radians of pizza crust.
  9. Part of me thinks, "Anything that keeps our people out of harms way" and part of me goes "Hmmmm....."
  10. I just read these to my wife. Since I'm also in the process of cooking dinner, I think I'm safe.
  11. Looks pretty darned good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNFlDGmOrXw Then there is this: I'm thinkin' use low fat cream cheese and non-fat yogurt. Then, use won-ton wrappers or squares of phyllo dough with about a tsp of the filling to make beggers purses - bake in mini-muffin tins.
  12. http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/Officer-Lets-Kids-Say-Goodbye-to-Navy-Dad-Over-PA-System-409993615.html
  13. Watch the videos, he isn't that far from the rifle and is coached how to move his head. Guy's still an idjit.
  14. I've been wondering how a Nigerian price got into West Point.
  15. They made that play offs. Then they lost Carr. Then they lost McGloin. I'm just happy they made the play offs.
  16. This isn't the film I was thinking of, but it is pretty good.
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