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  1. In deference to the family oriented nature of the Wire........
  2. PWB is THE MAN! The SASS wire's voice of sanity and reason....... and known for making immortal the phrase RTM!
  3. Could it be that sawdust from quality hardwoods is a form of prophylaxis? Seriously, glad you beat it.
  4. Welcome home, to both of you. I know the feeling.
  5. Suddenly, all the Sociology majors are feeling empowered........
  6. The older we get, and the hotter it gets, we start thinking of earlier..... Currently sign ups and BS'n begin at 7, shoot at 8. Beginning to talk of starting to shoot at 7:30 or even 7. Winter hours are sign up at 8, shoot at 9.
  7. Seeking observations/likes/dislikes from those who have experienced either, or especially both of these new arrivals on the small 9mm scene.
  8. And remember, SB, Winter Range is going FOREWARD, not backward...... or upside down......
  9. Michigan Slim--- What is the weight of the bullet in your load?
  10. Grateful for their efforts, vision and hard work that have created the SASS world as we know and experience it. Was blessed to have shot with some of them at various matches through the years. They exemplify the 'Cowboy Way'. Hope they now can enjoy a well-deserved rest, and MORE SHOOTIN'!
  11. I live 24 miles from Randsburg. Many of the buildings in the illustrations are still standing, and several are in daily use. The soda fountain in the general store features the original phosphate soda fountain drinks of the period. A really interesting museum is there also.
  12. I wasn't aware Idaho needed changing. My relatives who live there are fond of saying Idaho IS what America USED to be..... I agree with them. Well, maybe except for Boise.....
  13. Knowing when to quit is vital in this, as in many pursuits in life.....
  14. In addition to the oil suggestion, I removed the spring and lightly rounded and buffed the contact point. Saves my wife's fingernails on hers.
  15. Professional victimhood at work. I would love to have an appropriate platform from which to rub NASCAR's corporate face in the sh*tstorm they've stirred up......
  16. Learn the truth, and the TRUTH will make you......mad!
  17. "Now nearly every report is essentially an editorial opinion piece. " Quoting Smokin Gator. I used to think the same thing. Now I suspect each one is a purposeful PROPAGANDA piece, carefully constructed and coordinated with other outlets. Sad to see, and experience. I grew up with news broadcasts which were like watching Dragnet..... We got the FACTS, just the facts. Not told what to think about them. God save the Republic!
  18. Glad you are on the mend. Expect to see you back in the saddle at Eldorado. When I had my shoulder rebuilt I spent the first day and a half afterward in the hospital lying on a huge ice bag contained in a pillowcase. Affected entire right side. Felt like a prawn on the ice bed at a buffet..... but it kept pain away. The rehab was grim, but while I was scheduled twice weekly, I performed the routine at home twice daily. Sped recovery immensely. Taking half a pain pill an hour before helped a lot. Good thoughts and prayers keep heading your way.
  19. Congratulations! The first 5 are the toughest..... We share the date, and have appropriated it as OUR OWN 'Juneteenth'. We're marking #56. And BTW, it IS work...the most dignified, rewarding and refining work we ever do. May God continue to bless you both.
  20. To add further insult to the situation, they called last night and informed me that they misdiagnosed the type of infection and that I have to go back in and go through the whole process again!! You're not really going back, are you? I can think of all kinds of bad things that could happen with a staff like you described. Who knows what REALLY is in the IV if they can't seemingly find their ass with both hands and a page of illustrated instructions. Dealt with that kind of situation before, and thankfully survived. in one piece. Good luck and keep us posted.
  21. "You promise? A couple of the stages last year I almost had to use my sights. It was very nerve wracking." I'll try and posse with you. I can show you where those sights you mention are located. And perhaps you can help ME remember to look at my own!
  22. Aside: Do you recall which polishing compound you used? Just a white compound in stick form from local hardware store, specifically designed for NON-FERROUS materials. BTW, coated my Pedersoli .45-70 Sharps replica which is in the white, with Johnson paste wax, and it seems to work well. Keeps fingerprints off.
  23. I buffed a grip frame using a felt wheel and polishing compound. Mirror-like finish. Covered it with Johnson's paste wax. Occasional touch-up depending on amount of use. Good luck, and tell us how things work out.
  24. Might be worth wearing men's shirts and have Uno take them in......
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