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  1. Bascomb beats bushes for Handy (dandy) single shot rifle. Prefer .30-30 but would consider others compatible with my stable of calibers. Whaddaya got? Anyone? Bueler?
  2. Great news, and thanks for keeping your extended CAS family informed. Travel home safely, and may God continue watching over you both.
  3. Thanks for all the ideas and help. Plenty of 'ammunition' to work with. Today will be busy......
  4. .30-30 issue resolved, and many thanks to all. Now working on .30-40 which is similar, but not exactly same. I did discover a .30-30 round WILL fire in the .30-40 (accident on my part), but the brass splits at the neck..... NOT recommended.
  5. Thanks for the replies.....all useful info. Sedalia Dave, I was privileged to try a 336 Marlin in .38-55 at an annual event and was surprised (blown away?) by its mild manners. Just never had the $$ when a nice one showed up. Only bolt gun I own qualifying for BAMM matches is a .30-40, having sold my pristine 03-A3 last year.......
  6. At our advancing age, I like more and more the sentiment expressed in Filson's slogan: "Might as well have the best." I'm tired of 'just getting by...' That said, if it's cheap enough, education needn't always be expensive. I won't bore with my Century Arms experiences, as they weren't SASS/CAS related. Keep us posted.
  7. Others may have had better experiences, but my episodes with Century Arms have been disappointing. The gun in question MAY be adequate to your needs, but a reasonably priced Stoeger would be infinitely better. YMMV
  8. Match coming this Saturday, and I find I don't have reliable cast ammo. Using 173 grain Bear Creek moly bullet ('cause that's what I have) and wondered about a mild Trail boss load. Looking at maybe 9,0 gr. of Trail Boss. Just wondered if anyone has used Trail boss in this cartridge with a bullet around 170 gr. Any ideas welcome. Brewed up a great, mild .45-70 load after finding all I had available were suitable for dispatching elephants, rhinos or water buffalo. When I hit the steel plate at 80 yards it knocked it over as well as nearly undoing my expensively rebuilt shoulder...... Now I can even enjoy shooting my Pedersoli buffalo gun, which has only the steel butt plate---no padding at all. If my shoulder had more padding it probably wouldn't be an issue, but this is supposed to be FUN, not torture. Thanks for useful ideas..... Wound up with 11.5 gr. Trail Boss and 170 gr. Bear Creek flat nose lead in Krag. Used 15.5 gr. Trail Boss with Oregon Trail 350 gr. flat point lead. No gas checks needed. Both more accurate than I am..... and very gentle on the brass, the gun, and my shoulder.
  9. I prolonged the life of my asphalt 3-tab shingle roof by 'painting' it white with the reflective coating made especially for the task. I wanted to keep the wind from lifting the edges of the shingles (the heat here vaporizes the adhesive the shingles come with in about 2 or 3 seasons) so I slopped it on REALLY THICKLY with the coarsest roller I could find. Worked really well. About 25 years ago, I gave it a second coat. Starting on prep to give it a 3rd coat this month. 45 years and still no leaks...... Coating runs about $69/5 gallons. You can pay more, but I don't see the need. 15 gallons does a moderately sloped peaked roof on a 24 x 60 ft mobile home. Temperatures during application and curing can affect results. Read the (very) fine print.....
  10. I can report that a Dillon 650 calibrated to drop 3.5 grains 700X will drop 3.3 grains American Select. How nice! Thanks to all who replied. Most appreciated.
  11. Thanks, TFJ! I had thought of 3.3 to 3.5 as a starter, based on relative burn rates and data for other powders, but I know it's not always a logical or linear progression. BTW, that belt and holster rig I got from you sometime back has turned out to be great. Had a local leather pro (Cowboy Earl) extend the belt for me and it's been working well. He took one look at it and said, "That looks like some of Dusty Johnson's work".
  12. Trying to use up the primers in the Dillon 650 and the cases left over from loading for the year for CAS. Thinking of some training/plinking rounds with my 100 grain bullets. Since I have an abundance of American Select powder, I wondered if anyone had a pet recipe using that powder. It's burn rate is next to Titegroup and AA#2. Not looking to produce dragon slayer loads...... Thanks for any help.
  13. Fully agree. Education is ongoing. Also offer online classes for free.
  14. Hmmm......we were told it was red for gasoline, green for diesel and yellow for kerosene. I forget what blue was for.
  15. Depends on where you live. Wavians are good, and the currently 'politically correct' and allowable to use. The original USGI version is not acceptable to the EPA folks in several states. California is only one. I used to sell US cans, then they were outlawed for sale. Used to get and sell gaskets, spouts and replacement caps. No longer allowed for sale in California, so suppliers not allowed to sell them to me. Had a like-minded vendor in Colorado who would send spouts and gaskets for a while, but then quit with the lament that "They're tracking them now, so I can't sell them to you anymore." I wondered who the "they" in government was with the time and misplaced energy to waste my tax dollars monitoring sales of useful items in interstate commerce...... You need relatives in one of the (dwindling) free states. IIRC, there are now about 14 or so states gleefully restricting our rights in this regard.
  16. Lots of good ideas and leads here. I'll add the Delmore Brothers and the Stanley Brothers, and the Clinch Mountain Boys.
  17. The difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut...... is about two weeks.
  18. He's got the Bascomb's petition to the Master Physician for full and speedy recovery.
  19. Echoing all of the many positive comments and well-deserved praise, the Bascombs add their petition to the Master Physician for His healing influence.
  20. Well, that got our attention...... a 3.9 shaker, 10 miles away and 6 miles deep. We kind of thought all that was over with.
  21. I've had good results with 200 gr rnfp and 5.5 Bullseye for SASS use in rifles. Lighter bullets weren't as good. Good luck on project.
  22. Well, that didn't last long....... time for some 'Politician Removal'.
  23. Tough being an addict, ain't it, Ace?
  24. Those Media offerings aren't mistakes....... they're purposeful. Cultivating a populace which, as the old song title says, has "20/20 Vision, and Walking Round Blind". As a member of the target demographic of this virus, I favor shooting right away. Holding CAS events and matches. too.
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