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  1. Looking forward to seeing you and shooting with you and Sly Puppy at Eldorado.
  2. Nice looking rig, J Joe! I'll bet it made you feel faster........ I've always enjoyed Nick's craftsmanship and design skill.
  3. All the above being said, with which I agree, when I began in CAS I was using your same bullet and 5.5 gr BE for rifle and 3.5 gr for pistol. It was all I had at the time. It worked well.
  4. This kind of thing is what happens when Demos have a free hand. We are outnumbered at least 2.5 to 1 in the state legislature, both houses. The Dems have a 'super majority', so there's no way to stop them, and they run amuck. Once a bullet is fired, and it lays on the ground, it is rather benign, and not harmful. Besides, where the hell do they think the stuff comes from? It comes from out of the GROUND!
  5. Yep----^^^^ amazingly simple, yet so subtley hidden. Are ya fixed yet?
  6. Occasionally, we shoot at life-size buffalo and bear at 85 yards. Most folks over-think it and miss high.
  7. I'm not a Doctor, nor do I play one on TV........HOWEVER, we did own our town's health food store for a number of years.... (I know, I know....... crackpots, witchdoctors and charlatans). During that time, I learned that (among other things), therapeutic doses of some vitamins or minerals can help certain situations. My brother and I, and many of our customers had good results with eliminating bone spurs (calcium buildup) by using high doses of pantothenic acid. A B vitamin, it is water soluble and unused or 'extra' will be washed out. Note water consumption advice above, and avoid alcohol, caffeine and SUGAR. Kinda takes away some of the fun, I know, but so does calcium buildup in the joints..... By high doses, I used 1,000 mg per tab, one with each meal (3 daily) for first few days or until relief begins. Then taper down. This worked for us, as I say, and results were beyond placebo influence. BTW, it's not expensive. There is some medical thought that such condition can result from calcium intake which is too low, leading to the body extracting it from skeletal sources and then 'extra' in blood stream deposits at old injury or stress sites. I know this sounds kind of backwards....... I would see about blood level of calcium. Best of luck, and let us know how you do. BB
  8. Red, you are welcome to try my 1895 to compare ideas. I don't recall barrel length, but it works well and smoothly. It has the Bascomb Marlin refinements........ Call or email and let me know. It's WAAAY back in the safe. BB
  9. Experienced same symptoms. Replaced plunger, pin & spring in hammer (clean its resident hole thoroughly). That was it. If cylinder issues are eliminated, I'm betting on hammer plunger. Often problem with plunger is not obvious to simple scrutiny. Good luck, and advise as to solution.
  10. We can endorse the sleep number bed with 5 smiles...... Have California King in homemade frame (on their supplied base). Replaced compressor once. Can't recall how long we've had it, but at least 30 years. I love the adjustability of firmness.
  11. Best of luck on this, and DO let us know how it turns out. There ARE safety concerns, so go cautiously. If it goes well, the rest of us may want to know how to load ammunition for siege use.......
  12. " I've decided the world is insane" You would be correct......
  13. Ah, Grasshopper.......you must not let the ripples from the stones disturb the surface of 'your pond'. I think to myself that "After all this work and the money spent, I'm not letting anything trivial (not even ME) ruin my fun. Besides all the good advice already given, I consider each stage a separate match in itself, and another opportunity to redeem myself...... or not!
  14. Yep, just like riding a bike...... So very glad to hear you're back at it!
  15. Snakebite....... If you need extra SG shells for the RR Bar regional, let me know and I'll bring extra. And let me know your preferred flavor...... Regards, BB
  16. Okaw, shirt is yours. will provide details via PM after work. Phone not cooperative. Thanks!
  17. That '73 is just 'self-identifyin' as a Marlin......... are ya'll tryin' to force an intervention?
  18. PM to Bad Bascomb has worked for everyone so far....... Answer to Okaw..... Will measure shirt tomorrow morning and answer.
  19. My memory trick for that is to recall how the cartridge cases eject (Marlin) or singles are loaded. I COULD write it down, but then I'd have to remember where I wrote it.....
  20. Thanks for finding and sharing this. I think I'd like to have the clip shown on large screen at my funeral.......
  21. Dunno if there is a need for more leather, as was asked. But there IS a need for more leather like was shown..... Verrry nice!
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