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  1. Sitting here watching, with mixed emotions. I live in Ottawa and had season tickets to the Rough Riders and then the Red Blacks, but I come from Alberta! SWMBO is hooting and hollering for the Red Blacks, but I don't care for the way they are playing right now.
  2. What to do? What to do? I now live in Ottawa. I was born in Edmonton. I support the Ottawa Red Blacks and had season tickets. I have a soft spot for the Stampeders. Who do I cheer for Jabez? The only thing that could make it any worse is if it was the Eskimos were in the Cup game.
  3. I wonder, would we get bored with all that warm weather and sunshine? Just think Jabez: No Ski-Doo trips; No Ice fishing; No skiing; No Ice skating; No snow shoveling; No frost bite. Whatever would we do?
  4. Yep, I am. No blood ties between Lloyd, Dad and I. Just respect and affection. I recently donated some of Dad's memorabilia to the Mess at Cold Lake, where he was the first Mess President after the base opened. He had an interesting career, starting in the RCAF in 1936, three years before the war started (for us). Now get off the snow covered lawn.
  5. Page 3? And in honor of my Father (the shorter fellow in civvies) and my Brother from another Mother, Lloyd, after receiving his decoration at Government House, from the Governor General. Now, get the heck off the lawn!
  6. GRUMPY here. Knees are killin' me. So much so that I've had to forgo the deer hunt. Now THAT's bad. Hope I can start to feel a little better and try next week. Get off the lawn!
  7. Snow's gone. Rain took it all away and gave me sore knees etc. just to make up. Deer season opened today, but I think I'll hold off for a bit, until we get some clear weather. Dr. Dr. Bob* tells me he'll drive the 4-wheel drive truck right to my ground blind and just keep an ear peeled for gunshots and a YAHOO! from my spot. * I call him Dr. Dr. Bob because he has two Phd's
  8. Did I say Lawn? Now it's covered in about 10 centimetres (~4 inches) of cold white stuff. Tomorrow will be a good day to stay of the roads, while everybody re-learns how to drive in it. And I already have my snow tires on, the mower put away with gas line stabilizer and the snow blower running, in the garage and ready to go. This should really bring on the rut! and I'm going hunting!! Dr. Pierre tells me to bring him a nice roast, but don't catch a cold.
  9. OOOH! Treatments are getting me extra GRUMPY! Big thick needle in the belly. Left a lump and that stuff burns like the devil. And the drugs make the arthritic knees and sore muscles even more sore. So: GET THE HECK OFF MY LAWN ! ! I ain't in the mood for any shenanigans or back talk !
  10. Good to see the Rev back, Jabez sister is doing better. Attitude is an essential part of our battle. I hope Carlos is doing OK. Hormones are making my arthritic knees and the rest of me ache. Feels like the knees are going to give way once in a while. Grump! Still have to get the boat flipped for the winter. Have to get #1 son and his friends to do that. I'm to sore and weakened right now. Grump! Talk about feeling useless!
  11. He let some one peek inside and that let in an evil spirt. It bit his shoulder and his wrist. The Medicine Man has fixed the wrist, but his shoulder is still too sore to safely handle his rifle and shotgun.
  12. A sprinkle of snow here today. Dragging out the snow blower and getting it ready. It's self propelled and our son lives with us, so if I'm too laid up with this business I'm dealing with, he can clear the drive. Sawbones put me on hormone therapy to start shrinking things. Shoulda kept my mouth shut about it. I made the mistake of mentioning it to some of our friends of the gentle(?) sex, and said that if I got moody, cranky, ate chocolate and started to gossip, it was likely the female hormones. Now I have to wait until the bruises heal before I can go out ag
  13. We were recent additions to the SASS family. This is the Ottawa Valley Marauders in 2002, before we even had a name. Sadly, while the posse has grown, there are only two of us originals still in the posse. We tried to re-use the IPSC props after their matches the week before.
  14. Well, results back from Cancer Assessment and I got it. GRUMP! Gleason score of 7 and a 10.5 PSA Had a CT scan Friday, MRI coming Monday and an appointment with the Radiologist Tuesday. Thank goodness they're moving quickly. Just hope it hasn't spread out of the Prostate. Too many folks depending on me. They are only discussing radical robotic surgery or radiation right now. I guess no deer hunt for me this year as well as no moose trip.
  15. 26 C (79 F) for us today. Temperature is going from frost and freezing to wishing we hadn't covered the AC Had to winterize the motor home's water lines last week to keep them from freezing. Oh Canada.
  16. Had an electrician look at things and he advised a 14 but I see Generac now only has a 16 Besides, for the difference in cost between a smaller unit and the larger, I might as well go for the gusto.
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