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  1. Do like I just did: Get your kid(s) to do it. Then they can tell YOU: GET OFF THE LAWN! Thread saved from the ignominy of page 2
  2. Back to the range and the place I parked the motor home and FOUND THEM! Apparently they dropped out of the jacket I was wearing while I was setting up and leveling the unit. Whew! What a relief! Now, GET OFF THE LAWN!
  3. Think I'll mosey on back to the range and prospect around where I was parked, Just in case. Danged inconvenient if I can't find them. I think the only ones I'm going to have trouble about is the keys to the Church doors etc. All restricted locksmith type keys. Now get off the lawn!
  4. Lost my keys on the weekend. Lookin' all over for them. Hate to think I'll have to replace them all, using the back-ups I have on the pegboard. So, I'm GRUMPY! Now GET OFF THE LAWN!
  5. Busy times in the Jabez ranch. Prayers still being made for your sister. As for your motor home, I hear ya pard. I've been watching things on the Forest River site and learning of a lot of things that have me shaking my head. I've been lucky so far with mine: No real problems other than the ones I did my own-self. Now GET OFF THE GRASS (Which now has a special meaning here in Canada!)
  6. Good to hear Jabez. We'll keep her in our prayers. Blessings+
  7. I guess I picked a good one, all those years ago. On Friday the 25th, She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary with a get-together at a local restaurant that included friends and relations that were at our wedding 50 years ago, plus God-kids, nephews and nieces from Quebec. After allowing a day of recovery on Saturday, SWMBO sent me off to shoot on Sunday. Pards had pity on me and tried to keep me off my arthritic knees, but boy Howdy they were sore when I got home. Good to have good family and friends. Thank you Lord for those gifts. A
  8. Good to hear Jabez. We all hope the news continues to be good.
  9. Jabez, she has my prayers for the strength required for her battle ahead. Blessings+
  10. That my friend is the (in)famous Canadiangunnutz goat, awarded to those who reach 1000 posts
  11. WHOO! High winds around here! We live not far from Uplands Airport (Ottawa) and they recorded winds of 127kph The target stands and props, so carefully set up Friday, were all blown over and we had power out across the Province. Don' know how I did. Don't care. I do know I had at least one P and a lot of misses. But Lord, I had fun!
  12. Packing up for Cornwall and Ruff Justice's match tomorrow. Last Place, Here I Come!!
  13. OK, I'll have a cup and a slice of that pie. Just set it down there and let the coffee cool a mite. Post 706 Just think: 1294 more posts and this thread goes "POOF"
  14. Jabez: Have a look at a place like Princess Auto and get yourself an aluminum bustle rack that will fit into the trailer hitch receiver. Get a locking bolt for it as well and it will last longer. I strap my gun cart on it and it saves inside the motor home scratches etc. (Ask me how I know) Enjoy your new toy Pard!
  15. We found the on-board Onan noisy to run in the evening, watching cowboy movies and enjoying our favourite beverages. (Hey Red, Rooster and I are of Irish descent, so what can I say!) LED lights throughout are a good idea. I switched all mine out last year, because I found I had trouble keeping the cabin batteries charged. The solar panels are another good idea. I stuck a couple on the dash, when I'm parked; one for the truck battery and a larger one for the cabin batteries, when I'm long term parked and away from the unit. How are you carrying a gun cart?
  16. OOOH !! Nice! Mine's on a Ford chassis with a gas guzzling 10 cylinder motor that scared the sh beejedbers out of me the first time it cut in when it started to climb a hill and I had it in cruise control I didn't want slides on mine either. Took up too much room when they were in and you wanted to get around in the cabin. (FInd the toilet when travelling) And as you mention, the extra storage space is handy, but even with that, I had to mount a bustle rack on the rear trailer bracket, to carry my gun cart. I found the micro wave very handy. Will the generator run the
  17. Ya got a new class C? Sounds great! What kind? What size? I'm just loading mine up for the season, starting Friday. Mine's a 23 foot, 2013 SunSeeker, the one on the left. I'm using it primarily for overnights on the ranges, so I don't have two long drives in one day, as per She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed's wishes.
  18. Well now, snow and ice off the lawn, but I need it raked. Any volunteers? I'll supply coffee and brownies. Put the snow-blower, WW antifreeze and Ice melt into the shed and got out the lawn mower, rakes and garden tools. Getting ready for the first match of the year, without snow, since February's Winter Camp, with the Ottawa Valley Marauders at Eastern Ontario Shooting Club.
  19. Ice is starting to melt around here, after the ice storm. Lost power for a few hours, so I got out the Coleman stove and lamps etc. The creek across the street from me is getting high, so I guess I better take a walk to see if it's blocked somewhere. Now, get off my ice covered lawn!
  20. "Need to shoot..." The bull or guns? Inquiring minds(?) want to know. How did your Ugandan sojourn go? Anything legal you can share??
  21. Thanks for these histerical historical tintypes of the early days. It brought back a lot of memories seeing the names and faces of so many of our founders.
  22. You're coming back in one of them contraptions Wilbur and Orville have been workin' on?? We been keepin' the fire goin' but get back safe & sound.
  23. Not for a while yet. Apparently he's having too much fun, savoring the warmth of Uganda, after the cold and snow of Alberta. Anyway, here's a shot of Red Storm, Regulator, about to prove his all round GRUMPINESS on some targets.
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