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  1. Can I have an "AWW GEE! " from the audience or is more sympathy required??
  2. Naw, you're welcome here. Just leave your good mood behind at the door and join the rest of us GRUMPS. No, I ain't nuts. The post, by stonegraham I was responding, to just disappeared!
  3. Nope. No Generator and Generac didn't even reply to my questions. The "installer"? had a 5 STAR rating on his website. Turned out he had relatives and friends post good things to say about him, although he had not done anything for them.
  4. The former Premier of Alberta once said, when asked what to do about a protected predator answered: SHOOT, SHOVEL and SHUT-UP!
  5. Meanwhile in Canada it is decided open air patio restaurants can remain open.
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