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  1. The three posses' I shoot with, Ruff's Regulators. The posse with no name at Grenville and The Square Circle Wranglers all produce a match book for monthly matches, although one has downsized their booklet, ( 5 stages) to a single sheet, printed both sides and folded.
  2. The "Sources" can be anyone with an axe to grind, true or false, or any bit of information, taken out of context or misunderstood. Any "Fact Checking" can be a quick phone call to someone far enough up the ladder from the "Source's" starting reference point that it will be impossible for the person questioned for comment to find out anything in the time available to respond. This can then generate the famous "No comment was made by press time!"
  3. The Snitches objected to the term, deemed it derogatory and formed a union. Once unionized, they decided "Snitch" was indeed an objectionable word and hired consultants to research the matter and come up with a non-offensive descriptive word to describe themselves and their members. After a number of years, several progress reports and a few million dollars, funded from dues, it was decided by the union executive to put the matter to a vote, that thereafter, they would be referred to as a "SOURCE" "UNNAMED SOURCE" or "A SOURCE CLOSE TO ......) The voting was administered and the votes tabulated by an independent accounting firm and the results presented to the Executive. And now you know.
  4. You have to admit: Having the accepted Patent Notification, framed and hanging on your wall would be pretty great. I invented the wheel!!
  5. If you're ever up this way, visit and tour Old Fort Henry in Kingston, Ontario. During the summer months, the Fort Henry Guard demonstrates the Square, Platoon Fire and other maneuvers of the time, using single shot Martini rifles, bayonet drill and muzzle loading cannon fire from the great guns.
  6. Spring Has Sprung! The grass is riz! I wonder where my Trail Boss is? *I know, I know, I'm BAD I resurrected a ZOMBIE Thread!
  7. City or county Registry Office would be the place to start, to find out the current ownership. Other than that, in the absence of any detailed information, I would encourage the affected surrounding home owners to voice strong objections, until the full details are made known and assurances put in writing and agreed to by the home owners impacted by the zoning change.
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