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  1. Gifting a gun that my Grandson used in SASS when he was growing up. Time to clear the safe out.
  2. It can get. Confusing with Pietta guns. I have. A matching pair that, other than finish, look exactly the same as the ones you’re selling. Mine are Piettas bought from EMF. One box says EMF Thunderer, the other says GWII Express.
  3. I bought a pair of .357 Pietta GW IIs that I bought several years ago. I was shooting a pair of tricked out Stainless GW II Piettas for main match. I bought the GW II Express and the Pietta Thunderer “for pretty”. They are matching guns 4 3/4”, Birdshead grip, Turnbull Case Hardening from Pietta. They told me they were the last two they had which was why I couldn’t get matching grips. When I got the guns, they said one was a Thunderer and the other was an Express. THEY ARE MATCHING GUNS. I shot them a few times, but never had any action work done. They shot at least as well as my 5 1/2” stainless Piettas that had a very good action job. The few times I used them at a match, I only used a light .38 load. Pictures aren’t great because I’m on the road doing a dog show circuit in my RV. I’m asking $2000 for them. Plus FFL from Wisconsin naturally. I’m a Disabled Vet and restricted to a Powerchair, finally giving up SASS. I’ll have a .38 Marlin Cowboy Comp with Marbles Tang sight listed as soon as I can get pictures.
  4. I have a pair of these 357 Pietta GW IIs with real Turnbull Case Hardening. I bought these”for pretty” several years ago but only shot them in a few matches with 38s. I bought them directly from EMF and have the boxes. The grips don’t match because it was the last pair they had with the real bone/charcoal Case Hardening. I’m selling them only because I’m a disabled vet and restricted to a Powerchair. I’m asking $2000 plus shipping from Wisconsin. FFL naturally.
  5. I have a pair of Pietta GW IIs that I bought from EMF years ago. Pietta said they were the last two they had that were Turnbull Case Hardened. They’re 4 3/4” birdshead grip 357s. I’ve never seen or heard of any like this. I bought them “for pretty” and didn’t shoot the much (38 sp only). Just curious if there are any others out there.
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