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  1. Thank you. Used to be easy to get that kind of thing, but nowadays even the common stuff is hard to find.
  2. If anyone had enough to spare, I'm looking for one round of 3-.55 loaded as a blank. No powder, could even have a spent primer. Just brass and lead. I want it for my gunbelt to put in center of loops as John Wayne did with a 45-70 round. I just got a Duke rig to replace my B Western that shrunk. I'd be gald to pay whatever it's worth plus shipping.
  3. Got a problem, hope i'm in the right Forum. My favorite guns are a pair of GW IIs, birdshead grips, 38s, 4 3/4". I've shot them for years without an issue. I just bought a new backup gun, a Cimarron Thunderer. 3 1/2", dual cylinder, 45 acp and 45 Colt. 45 Colt will be back up for my main match guns and woods guns. Here's my problem, I shot it yesterday, about a dozen 45 acps. Cut the web of my hand at the base of the thumb. I've got a bleeding disorder and I really bleed. I think the metal at the top is just enough over the wood that it's cutting me. Love the gun, don't want to get rid
  4. These are Great Western IIs from EMF. I bought two of the last three they had a few years ago. This is real Turnbull Case Hardening. $300 option per gun. bacause I bought the last of them, they waived the $300 fee. These guns wont ever be sold.
  5. I want to see your outfit when you get done. The leather rig I'm sending will be perfect.
  6. Elmer, when I decided on my 5th and final set of main match guns, I went to Great Western Piettas. I've got to cut back on shooting now due to age and ill health. I have a pair of GW IIs in stainless, 5 1/2" 38/357s. The action job was by Nate Kiowa Jones. They have Rosewood Gunfighter Grips from Eagle Grip and I have the original poly ivory. I have trouble posting pictures on the Internet, but if you PM me, I'll send whatever you want for pis.
  7. Whatever I was carrying that day. I usually leave my holster in my jeans and put the gun on the nightstand.
  8. Should have specified. I am really set on a birdshead grip revolver.
  9. Wanted to buy Talo Ruger Vaquero Birdshead 45 acp. either color.
  10. Tried to order that from AMAZON HERE IN wISCONSIN and they won't deliver it.
  11. Worked at the Post Office 31 years. main problem with our pepper spray was having it blow back in your face when you sprayed the dog. I never had that happen, but we got plenty of calls from Carriers needing to stop delivery cause they sprayed themselves.
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