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  1. I bought a 2-gun gun cart from you the spring of 2019.  I'd like to buy another.







  2. Shoot through on Friday (Georgia State).


    How do you want to handle the shoot through?


    Would you want both of us to shoot through together and then Friday I'll come and help with posse chores?


  3. 2019 Georgia State is a go.  Filled out the applications and requested possed with you.

  4. Florida State match.


    Application list the dates of 3/18 to 3/21.  The 18th is stated as side matches all day.  Main match is Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

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    2. Waimea


      You can also text me at


      I've been on the Wire a bit lately bc I'm taking some time off but it is sometimes days in between when I'm w*rkin'.

    3. Matthew Duncan

      Matthew Duncan

      Thank you for the quick reply.  Working on the details with the wife.

    4. Waimea


      That's great! I hope you can make it.

  5. Ref: Dillon Powder Check.


    My mailing address is:


    Robin Loucks

    17427 County Road 48

    Syracuse, IN. 46567

  6. TSSD.  Job description?  I'm maybe interested in volunteering for Indiana. 

  7. I just read abot Karl...what happen? Another stroke?

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