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  1. Found two thousand small pistol mag for 23.70 a thousand at sportsman warehouse today. This afternoon none left. large pistol mag still there
  2. Another thing that I carry in my cart and n my cleaning kit is compressed air. I stop at an office supply store and by a can of compressed air used to clean computer keyboards. They come with an extension for the spray and will blow junk out of the cylinder including the nipples with ease. I use it most often if I clean the guns in the field and want to blow off the cleaning liquids. works for me also if I need to blow out action on rifle etc. FYI
  3. I have nipples(slix) on all six chambers. Like many others I mark the unloaded changer nipple with a red sharpie. On the front of the cylinder I have on each side of the chamber not to be unloaded is an engraved or stamped number that relates to a partial of the serial number. That way I know what chamber not to load and make sure a cleaning and reassembly the correct cylinder to frame. now go fill the sky with smoke and fire. Enjoy
  4. Prayers for you and your family. Stay in the fight!
  5. I know it is hard to keep a good man down. Fast recovery and even faster stage times to you my friend!
  6. Most Shiloh owners I believe will say that the rifle has continued to improve with the move to Montana. The current owners are the Bryant family and guns made under their ownership will begin with a B in the serial number. There is a lot of discussion that firearms made prior to the "B" series may have a chamber that was cut to use paper patch bullets. I am by no means an expert of the Sharps but I do recall that many people will chose to buy a Shiloh with the B series. I have two that were made prior to the change in ownership, both are quality rifles and they shoot very well. I do believe that the guns made now are among the best and there is a warranty for a "lifetime" to original owners. I have toured the company plant twice and am very impressed with the rifles and the staff at Shiloh. The biggest issue with the Shiloh is once you buy one you will soon realize that you "want" more. The are great fun to shoot!
  7. I had placed an order with Brett a few months ago. During that time I also had an issue in getting a phone call to him. When I did speak to him he mentioned that he had switched phone companies for his cell service and has had many problems. The biggest was not being able to empty his voice mail so he could get new messages. scarlet Darling is also selling app powder in a direct arrangement with APP. And if you buy from her she always gives a hug, well maybe not now with the virus
  8. Many of us Sass shooters in the upper Midwest had the pleasure of knowing and shooting with a true gentleman Bill Picht "Itasca Bill" of northern Minnesota. It is with sadness that I learned that Bill lost his short fight with cancer. I first met Itasca Bill and his family when I started SASS shooting over twenty years ago. He was a hard worker, a good Father /Grandfather, Husband and one to always be the first to extend a helping hand. Over the years we have enjoyed being around Bill and his family of shooters. Bill was a great shooter one who always worked to shoot a match clean. So many times he was successful at the clean match award as well as placing in his class at a match. Bill and his wife "Anita Nugun" frequently traveled over the country making new friends and taking in SASS matches. I like so many others will miss his smile, hardy laugh and quiet encouragement. Below is a photo from a match that his wife provided.
  9. All of my loads for the 38 exceed the SASS specs for power factor. But, there are some targets that for what ever reason will need that little extra. I carry a box of handloaded "Rino Rollers" with 147 grain bullets and a few extra grains of powder. Seldom needed but nice to have to in the game. Will also load extra with the Cap and Ball if needed as I go along.
  10. Heck, Just come by and join me shooting. I will put the coffee on!
  11. I even have it set up to make coffee and soup in the building while I am shooting. Winter hide out!
  12. Three Foot I want to come and play in your yard, Looks like fun!
  13. Heated building has a shooting bench and a window to allow long range rifle. Steel targets for rifle at 100 200 and 300 yards and portable target allows 600 yards. Need to shovel snow away from targets at times. Winter makes practice for some matches more of a challenge .
  14. If you have been thinking about getting into the Plainsman side matches or looking for a nice hunting rifle with a straight wall rifle case this is a good choice. I have a H&R single shot in 38-55. One of the better H&R rifles. Walnut stocks with cut checkering. Quality heavy barrel for accuracy. This one has been a safe queen of too long and is in great shape. Wood and metal finish near perfect ( one small stock dig from the safe) The 38-55 is a great cartridge with excellent accuracy, easy to load and shoot. The 38-55 tends to be a favored choice for plainsman SASS events. Has a hooded front sight with the ability to change the disk (Redfield?) No rear sight but there are several quality choices in the after market that work very well. Scope mounts and hammer extension. A fine example of a H&R rifle that has not been made for several years. Just need to open some space in the safe for a new Shiloh Sharps :). Price is 500.00 plus actual shipping to your FFL
  15. It was a a great match. I sure had fun and God willing will be back for many more. This is a sport of speed, accuracy and gun handling. Some matches have targets so big and close you scrape your front sight on the target during the draw. While I personally don’t mind a match Iike that once in awhile I do not think it is what I would expect at a championship level. The Rangers at WR do an unbelievable amount of work to make this match run smooth. You have my respect and thanks for a great job.
  16. Be great if they would come to winter range to display their products!
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