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  1. Like Scarlet I use the Hunter HD Gold but mine are trifocals. brian measured my shooting distance and wrote up the requirements. I emailed him my current prescription and about ten days later the finished glasses were delivered. very happy with the service and being able to work with a fellow shooter.
  2. I had the very same issue of the cart. After several tubes and some bottles of green slim I purchased the run flat tires from Amazon. About 17.00 each. Put the on the cart with just a little work no big issues. So far works well. I bought the tires with the red rims just so the cart stands out from others in a group.
  3. I have a friend who is fairly new to SASS and he like many others went out and bought some guns before doing the trying them at a shoot. Well he invested in a Henry rifle in 45 colt and like many others finds that it is not the best for our game. Wondering if there is any gunsmith out there that will work on them to improve them for SASS shooting. In time if he keeps up with the game, he may invest in another rifle but for now his funds are tight and improving what he has makes the most sense if that is possible. Thank you for any suggestions.
  4. I also had a rifle just like this one, really a lot of fun to shoot and very accurate with the hollow base mini. Shot a deer with it one year, impressive results. Bump for a fine rifle.
  5. Also a consideration is with the Statute of limitations. If the party is outside the state that the crime is committed in the clock stops. Crime committed, party flees to the state to avoid being caught, returns to State tens years latter the Statute of limitations clock begins to advance again .
  6. First shooter is using a full case of APP which produces more white smoke than the second shoot who is using real BP with a filler but meets the SASS minimum loads ?. don’t get me wrong I understand your issue. As a frequent shooter in frontiersmen and frontier cartridge I have seen others in the same class who run loads that I would question. Heck shot against one guy who I thought was using Bullseye which is a smokeless powders that tends so produce some smoke.
  7. Not sure who can make “the call” on the smoke factor. It is a difficult call as weather can make a big difference. A hot humid day seems to produce more smoke. I recently shot Hell on the Border in the Frontiersmen class. The second day of the shoot had humid conditions early in the morning with little to no wind. After the first gun lost sight of the targets. Same loads use at EOT in Phoenix did not have the same issues.
  8. Has the date been established for Trailhead 2023?? thank you Marshal Fire
  9. I have heard that some will make a modification to the top of the carrier that makes loading over the top more efficient. What is done to the carrier. Shotgun Boggie has a loading gate that he sells for the 1873 that should make the reloading through the gate better? I watched some the videos from EOT and several shooters are extremely fast with the top reload. But the again they also seem to manage to throw out a live round more often so they are well practiced. Guess the real answer is practice with the rifle enough that you do not throw out live rounds.
  10. I have noted that there are two ways to load the 73 rifle on the clock, lever closed and through the loading gate and lever open and placing the cartridge onto the carrier. I have watched several youtube videos and see that some shooters are very good at loading onto the carrier. When I have tried it seems to jam more than save time. With practice both can be fast and it would seem the through the loading gate would have the least potential to jam when the cartridge loads into the chamber. Interested in any thoughts on which is better (if there is such a thing), is there any modification of the top of the carrier that helps with the loading?
  11. I had one of these and really enjoyed it. About a month after purchase the rib where the barrels were joined began to weep salts. Called Smith and they took it back for repair under warranty. They called and told me could not repair it and that they would not return the gun just would send a refund at purchase price but not for shipping or background check. Was not happy but had little choice. Found out from a smith employee that the last run of these were an issue and that the issue showed you soon after the guns left the manufacture. Very nice handling shotgun. This one should make someone a fine upland bird gun.
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