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  1. No I was not but why are all the gun shops telling me the ATF is cracking down harder on them than they ever did. Since you don’t have an FFL anymore ( at least I don’t think you do) you really don’t know what’s going on anymore than we do. It’s not gibberish that I’m hearing from actual gun shop owners!
  2. What’s this? No free speech in Coffinmakers world? I worked at a gun shop while they conducted a few audits. Does that count? I and others have been told the ATF is cracking down on them harder than ever. Don’t tell me that’s not on account of the nutbag in WH!
  3. So you can only look good with a Henry? I think the 73 snd 66 are actually nicer looking rifles! IMHO
  4. Exactly what I’ve been told by the gun shop owners around here. The ATF keeps them on their toes for sure!
  5. I agree somewhat but what I’ve been told is they’re coming in more frequently. Biden said he was going to go after FFL’s . I agree go after the ones that are breaking or ignoring rules but don’t overdue it.
  6. Whoops, I didn't read that! I assumed it was 25 #, I'm deleting this!
  7. Coffinmaker my old friend it is true about BATFE. They've become very strict and are a pain in the ars to dealers I talked to. If you cross your T's and dot your I's you should be okay but according to the folks I talked to they've been put on edge. It's because of Biden's anti-gun agenda I'm sure. The BATFE were given their orders.
  8. Why is the Henry such a excellent choice for black powder? I used a 66 and a 73 for black powder and they were actually better. That barrel gets hot with BP on the Henry.
  9. I don't really know. That's what's frustrating about it. I know the owner also owns all the 7 or 8 businesses in this little strip mall.
  10. There’s a reason why they came up with the 66 back in the day. I had one for a minute, I shot it at a match ONCE! Sold it that day! I don’t understand the fascination with it myself. I don’t like the way it loads and i also don’t like the bare metal instead of a wooden forend. Just MHO
  11. I live 5 miles from a gun shop/range in fact I used to work there part time. There’s 3 ither gun shop /ranges within 25- 30 miles of here. They’re doing okay. Like I said the ranges are keeping them open. There’s 3 big box stores within 25 miles of here as well. Cabelas and another big local company. The other gun shops are hurting though.
  12. I bought 5 lbs of TiteGroup from a pard for $30.00. I’ve got about 3000 primers and about 500 sg primers. I’ve got about 12 boxes of shotgun loaded and enough Clays powder for another 500 rounds plus about 10 boxes of factory. The only thing I need is shot!
  13. Good point, the only gun stores that seem to be doing okay are the ones with shooting ranges.
  14. I went by one of the LGS in my area, I haven’t been there in about a month. Sign says Closed permanently! I was pretty friendly with the guys that worked there and they gave me no indication they were closing. Maybe they didn’t know. The FFL owner also owned the small strip shopping center that it was in. There’s 7 businesses. I bought quite a few things there over the years including a few guns. Sad!
  15. A duly passed law by England! No thanks!! They said here’s your #%>€£¥! Tea!!
  16. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/lapd-chief-says-department-is-leading-nationwide-movement-to-arm-daca-police-officers/ar-AA1lsAmE
  17. I think this guy is full of baloney! He has an old Colt and is looking for the lightning logo! Geeeeez
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