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  1. Does he know every millennial out there? This guy is full of himself, he thinks he’s some kind of an expert!
  2. I believe you are correct . Forty why not bring it back to the store that you bought it from ?
  3. Hold on to it for what? I use TiteGroup for pistol and rifle.. This is Clays Universal. I’ve been using it for shotgun forever.
  4. The gun shop/range I used to work at part time had a group of these guys come in almost every Sunday to shoot. A few of them were Rabbi's! All had CCW's too! Nice bunch of guys!
  5. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-dojs-gun-law-blueprint-will-impact-ability-defend-yourself-gun-rights-groups?utm_campaign=later-linkinbio-foxnews&utm_content=later-399285
  6. https://www.ohiogunowners.org/news/
  7. https://www.supremecourt.gov/DocketPDF/22/22-976/293668/20231218165513713_22-976tsUnitedStates.pdf
  8. Hope to help and keep everyone as informed as possible. Ya'll have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  9. Well since I have a ton of once fired AA shells, about 800 shotgun primers, maybe 3 lbs of powder (Clay's) and wads galore I guess I'll be reloading. I need some shot now, going to get some this weekend. Cabela's has 25# for $69.99 and a LGS has 25# for the same. I have 20 boxes loaded and 3 factory so I'm good for awhile...BUT........I HATE RELOADING SHOTGUN SHELLS!
  10. Make sure you clean the plungers before you put them on! They can get nasty!
  11. My 2023 Buick Encore gas NO gas cap!! Weird !
  12. My friend sent his son two Vaqueros. His son lives in California. He had to wait 2 months to get the guns. He got one in 30 days and the LGS held on to the other one for 30 days.
  13. Actually I need to change that to 1993. I didn’t have %#¥ with that woman……etc etc……
  14. Has anyone noticed that the downfall started 3 years ago? Is it just me??
  15. My local Walmart has them for $12.95 pretty much all the time. The LGS around here has the Lights for $16.95 but never had the LNLR.
  16. You got your hands full!! I’d be reloading for sure!
  17. You’re absolutely right about saving a few bucks online. FEW is the key word here. When you factor in shipping and transfer charges you really save hardly anything. The only time I used my LGS for a transfer is if I’m buying something used that can’t be ordered.
  18. In Ohio we can give a gun to anyone as long as they are a legal resident of the state. We can also sell a gun to another Ohio resident.
  19. She put on her glasses for the job interview. Think she got it??
  20. Even worse than you I have a Lee Load All, makes great reloads but it's a pain in the %^$. I can get Win AA low recoil for $12.95 at WalMart regular price. Sometimes I see them on sale at other places a little cheaper. I do remember the rebates. I go to about 3 shoots a month from April to Nov, sometimes less depending on the weather. I like what he said about not crimping good and shot coming out. I had a bb stuck inside my shotgun blocking the trigger! The cost of shot is through the roof and I haven't priced primers but they're probably up there in the sky as well. I may just go factory from now on. I have about 20 boxes loaded including 5 Factory boxes. I have enough shot and primers for maybe another 20 boxes, maybe! I hate reloading shotshells too!
  21. This guy makes a good point I think. I figured I’m saving maybe $3.00 a box at the most, I dont go to as many shoots as I once did so that’s another factor. https://www.fieldandstream.com/does-reloading-actually-save-money/
  22. Funny because I think the 66 is nicer looking with the forearm. To each his own?
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