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  1. Good question. One of them said they were seeing it this weekend with his son. I guess we’ll see………
  2. Hmmm…. Wonder why Clay Travis and Buck Sexton, the guys that took over for Rush, are pushing this movie? They’re obviously Trump fans which makes me question this writer’s take on this movie.
  3. Country music is whatever you think it is. It’s all about the sales =money
  4. I seem to remember a story about a store like that only it was a grocery store in Europe somewhere. Found it https://www.euronews.com/next/2021/11/15/no-scanning-no-cashiers-no-cards-we-went-grocery-shopping-at-london-s-new-checkout-free-te
  5. I donate to NRA, GOA, Ohio Gun Owners and the others I toss or delete. .
  6. I don’t think he’ll rest much where he’s going! https://www.cnn.com/us/live-news/oj-simpson-death-news-reaction-04-11-24/index.html
  7. I think the problem here is you're trying to make sense of a TV show!
  8. It isn’t any quicker when there’s long lines for the cashiers and things go wrong with items being scanned by the cashier as well. My experience with self serves have been totally different from yours. I’ll continue to use them when it’s convenient. To each his own! Oh I forgot about the person writing a check or having trouble with their EBT card. That takes up a lot of time! Yea that don't happen at self serves!
  9. You guys better get used to self serve because if they keep raising the minimum wage you’re gonna see a lot more of them!
  10. Yes I save all my bad cartridges and bring them to a scrap place. It’s better that throwing them out . This is roughly what they’re paying. https://scrapmetalmonster.com/scrap-metal-prices
  11. Modern cartridge, .38 spl I know a few guys that shoot BP with cartridge.
  12. So was this some kind of off shoot group trying to copy SASS ??
  13. I have no problem with self checkout. I usually just buy a few items and it’s quicker snd easy.
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