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  1. Whitney Houston’s version was great. One if the best!
  2. Believe it or not she’s a 4 time Grammy winner. Country music
  3. Home run derby National Anthem https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/who-is-ingrid-andress-home-run-derby-national-anthem-singer-draws-harsh-criticism-after-performance/
  4. They only had one pistol each! Your comment was wrong! Go back and read Pat Riot’s comment about what happened!
  5. Ohio boy! Great story behind this guy! I voted for him for Senator.
  6. Okay figured it out. It’s fine. It’s a little tricky to get the shell holder in but it’s built well. Works great!
  7. Thanks for heading us off at the pass😃
  8. Firelands this Saturday , weather is looking good, a little cooler than it’s been. Sign up 8:30 Safety meeting 9:45 shoot after. No lunch but we’ll have water. 6 fun stages See y’all there! 😄
  9. It’s a little tricky to get that shell holder in but I think you said there’s actually something wrong with yours. Mine seems okay.
  10. Update, I tried priming some .38’s and it works great. Now to get my .45s going I got brass on the way and I’ll get some primers today. A pard gave me 100 bullets.
  11. Supposedly a policeman confronted the shooter but he pointed a gun at the cop and the cop split! I don’t know how true that is but I’ve heard it from several sources. 😉
  12. I love it but I don’t make it myself. My mom used to make it often it was awesome. Some people put an egg inside my mom didn’t but a couple of my aunts did. That’s good too!
  13. The technicality I was referring to was that the prosecution with held evidence from the defense, only it wasn’t evidence as far as I know. I believe it was new ammo purchased to compare it to blanks. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s what I understood it to be. Seems silly to me.
  14. He must have reloaded awfully quick! These were single shot pistols!!
  15. I usually go to this club and I had a slight little car problem Saturday so I didn't want to chance driving an hour and a half. Getting it fixed today under warranty. This is a great club and awesome people. I will be going to their 3 day in September for sure!
  16. Cool little kid! Nice to see her enjoying the shooting! I had a mini 14 for awhile, I loved it but I really had nowhere to shoot it that was close. It sat in my safe for a long time and then I sold it. Great gun!!
  17. I wondered the same thing. I assume it’s some kind of bolt action? Just a guess…..
  18. There’s been a few robberies to gun shops around here. The ones that were broken into now have concrete barriers in front of their stores. They also have bars on the windows.
  19. This has been proven false by Mike Lee who posted it. He admitted he was wrong. This would have been the lead story on all the major news outlets!
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