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  1. Here is a story saying the red & white stickers may be a way to identify friendlies: Link--> https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/38590/why-plainclothes-police-had-striped-reflective-tape-on-their-glocks-during-the-capitol-siege
  2. Jax Leather belt still available $75 shipped to the lower 48.
  3. Pard you have dibs, Mt. Zion responded and passed on the belts.
  4. Mt. Zion, My in box was full so I did not get your PM. I have cleared the in box and sent you a PM.
  5. ************************SOLD************************
  6. All PM's answered, shot shell belts available.
  7. Holster rig is sold pending funds to Dallas. Shotshell belt still available.
  8. Loops are .38, holsters are for 4 3/4". The belts sizes listed are pretty true. I measure 41" where I wear the holster belt and 40" where I wear the shotshell belt.
  9. LQ, send me a PM with what you had in mind.
  10. *******************SOLD PENDING FUNDS************** Kirkpatrick wild bunch rig, ER wild bunch video and Wild Bodie Tom 6 round 97 take down conversion. $210 shipped CONUS.
  11. Howdy Outlaw, Sorry for the delayed response. I was at our cabin in the Sierra Nevada with no access to the internet. Just got back today. The SKB appears to be sold to a local shooter . If something changes I will let you know. Thanks, SJS PS Sent you a text as well.
  12. I have what you need. Out of town until Tuesday . Then I can get you pics. It’s a nice Kirkpatrick rig.
  13. COWBOY ACTION RACE GUNS PPT around Modesto in Northern California only, no shipping at this time. 1873 in .357, Codymatic by Cody Conagher. Slickest 73 around - Sold SKB model 100 double in 12 gauge by Johnny Meadows. 22" barrel, Kick-ezz recoil pad, LOP 13 1/2" - Sold Links to videos: SKB left side--> https://i.imgur.com/1hu6kB7.mp4 SKB right side--> https://i.imgur.com/424kpAj.mp4 1873 left side--> https://i.imgur.com/5InJqqI.mp4 1873 right side--> https://i.imgur.com/tMGXRTa.mp4
  14. This is an example fo what we are up against: Click here---> http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-leland-yee-q-and-a-20160223-story.html And here---> http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-a-guide-to-leland-yee-corruption-scandal-shrimp-boy-to-guns-20140328-story.html And here---> http://www.sfexaminer.com/chow-trial-political-fallout-looking-back-at-the-shrimp-boy-saga/
  15. Well you cannot have as much fun with it but there is also a movement to split the state into two states. Click here to read about it---> http://www.soj51.net/ The county I live in voted 2 to 1 for Trump. I suspect we will pay for that as the California Legislature drafts laws to punish our county. Our County Sheriff has a shall issue policy for CCW permits and at a Pro Gun Rights rally I attended he spoke and stated "I will not put law abiding citizens behind bars for violating these new gun laws." So make your jokes but make no mistake, the good fight is being fought here and
  16. Well as a resident of California I always joked the state government would build a wall to keep the tax payers in:) truthfully I expected it to be a virtual wall built with some legislation to attempt to tax anyone leaving with funds earned while in California. Then of course they did try this with retirement income but were not successful......yet:\
  17. Howdy, I am installing a new mag spring in my 73. It is extra long since my rifle is the 18 inch barrel Taylor Trapper. How much should I trim off? I heard that if I trim it so 3 inches sticks out of the mag tube that should be about right. Does that sound about right? Thanks in advance, SJS
  18. I have had it with Photobucket also. This is what I am using now---> http://imgur.com/
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