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    I have just been informed that I don't shoot a SxS shotgun. Who knew? I apologise for the confusion. Carry on.
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    I dont know what you guys are complaining about, its lightnin' fast on my AOL dial up ! BBZZZZZZBBBRRRRRBBEEEEPPP
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    In today's day and age there is no good excuse for this.
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    No, these aren't on the market.
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    So much of this "stuff" seems to be folks trying to get around the spirit of the rule(s). Please folks just wear the dang hat on your head and get over it.
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    I will just say that Ohio used to be in the Mideast region and GoA did a fine job hosting that regional. Then SASS dissolved the Mideast and put Ohio in the Northeast region. I travelled from Ohio to NH last year to attend our new regional at the Great Nor'Easter and enjoyed every minute of it and met a lot of new friends while visiting NH, which is geographically almost as far at the other end of the NE as you can get. So, I invite all of the northeast shooters to make the reverse travels and join us in Ohio at Guns of August. You will most likely have the same type of experience I enjoyed last year. You will shoot a great match. You will meet new cowboy friends and if your are lucky you will head home with some hardware.
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    pretty sure that I could NOT sit up that quick ……
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    I ain’t telling the world anything
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    I thought this was fixed?? It was for a couple days now it's even worse than before!! Telegraph would be quicker!!
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    … which freezer to buy to hide the bodies in! There's a size for every type of killer.
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    Data only slows a system down when it is being accessed. Just sitting there on the hard drive it doesn't affect anything. If we all ran an image search at once then yes we'd bog down the host server, but I doubt more than a dozen members are doing a search at any given time.
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    kudos to the Big Iron Rangers for taking the NE Regional, they have always put on top notch events, in every aspect, yes, it is ridiculous that OH is in the NE region,, but it is what it is,,, hopefully it can change
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    HD, them pistols are fine. I probably put 2-3k rounds through them without a hick up.
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    Lead Ringer has two videos on YouTube that are very helpful in learning how to use a sxs.
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    This sort of attitude is present in Seattle as well, and not just the local colleges. Young people hate the police, are adamantly opposed to new youth jails being built, and support gun control. Makes you wonder what sort of "Lord of the Flies" kind of society they actually envision.
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    For those who don't like my post, DONT READ IT. my intent was to give some honest pros and cons of Loadmaster vs Dillon Given that i've used both, I thought I could give an accurate opinion. Not everybody is an expert. Some of us may be stoooopid and trying to figure out what they might want to buy. So I figured to share MY experience. And if I helped Patagonia Pete or any others with a Vibra Prime issue, thats just a bonus.
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    Hey Mate, MOVE the handle!
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    Harbor freight. Around $50. Starting my 3rd year.
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    I have an inordinate amount of decorated cigar boxes and fake books around the house.
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    But a change in plans...My oldest daughter had an earlier than planned stork delivery...I think the little guy forgot to pay his rent and was evicted on 13 February at 4:25 in the morning...He was a week and half early...If he had followed the time frame, I could hit WR and been back to given my support...Which was keep everyone fed while they made adjustments to the new offspring...Wife, new grandma again, daughter and family...If I don't keep there 4 year old fed, she gets a little testee... So I stay home...I know where I would like to be, but I know where I need to be... Texas Lizard
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    My dry fire hulls: Deprimed AA Winchester, cut to 2 3/8” OAL, Fill the primer pocket with Red Silicone Gasket Maker, dry overnight, shave off excess with razor blade, Roll crimp the hull. No wad or lead Simulates a fired hull for shucking. 6-10 on the belt. SG on a table. ATB, pickup SG, load 2 from belt. Pull trigger twice, open and shuck, Load 2 from belt, pull trigger twice. I started with par time of 8 seconds, now down to par time of 5.25 seconds. Practice 4-10 sequences in the morning before loading guns in PU for match. Amarillo Rattler
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    How about the next dozen or so times the police are called they show up with protest signs of their own and refuse to set foot on the campus?
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    Nice page! I would put an address of the range on the page so people can plug it into their GPS. I have seen lots of websites that put directions on the page instead of address. Gray Hare
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    No s#&@!!!!
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    Yes, that's all I'm saying.
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    Always seems to happen during a snow storm I've noticed.
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    My wife bought me one last year exactly like that. I have not mounted it yet, but it feels solid. The one in the picture is darker than mine, I may have to put a stain on mine now. The only reason I haven't mounted it is because I can't find a good spot where I have studs in the wall. I think I'm going to have to mount a longer 2x4 and mount this thing to it. I would not trust a sheetrock anchor to hold this thing up. It's kinda heavy even before you put a gun in there. I have misgivings about the keycard thing based on how often the keycards at hotels fail. But it won't be the only accessible gun so I'm not too worried. I'm pretty sure my wife paid either $300 or $500, so the price does look good.
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    Major, I would much prefer a good IPA, but there is not a good selection of Australian beer available here.
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    Not sure how safe this one is...
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    I think what is needed is a National Blue Flu Week....seriously....one whole week without police. I would donate to the cause.
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    Designed for a 90-day mission, it operated 15 YEARS and changed forever how we look at Mars. RIP Opportunity Rover January 25, 2004 - February 13, 2019 https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/nasa-rover-finally-bites-the-dust-on-mars-after-15-years/2019/02/13/e67ad352-2fc2-11e9-8781-763619f12cb4_story.html?utm_term=.1595d8d08c6a
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    Joe-That should be a permanent 'sticky' in this sub-forum. OLG
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    This is either going to go very good for him or very bad.
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    I'm just happy to know that all of our state champs in the Northeast Region will have a regional match to attend should they choose too. As for location, the word went out to ALL clubs in the region. How many replied, I don't know. I know we did not for many reasons. The first being that we host our state match and, honestly, I'm not that crazy! But this club did step up, and having done this before they were probably well prepared to put a match together on shorter notice than desired. I have never been to Guns of August but I know of many that attended quite often. My thanks to the fine cowboys and cowgirls that stepped up to the task.
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    Just happened to catch this sign while surfing the SASS Wire....
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    Looking at the post count, this forum goes back 10 years or more. Over 1148 threads. Might consider archiving several years (Example, 5 years) or deleting the same. The forum software may not have the ability to store this much data. The software may be juggling data to find room to accept more posts but is over loaded and over whelmed.
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    My first cart was a monstrosity that should have required turn signals and a license plate! Then I built a 'sensible' sized cart out of scraps. Only expense was a little hardware and a pair of wheels from Northern Tool. That cart served me well for several years. My wife started shooting with me in 2017 and my little cart was soon deemed obsolete as it was just not voluminous enough to transport gear for two people. This is when I finally spent the money for a rugged gear and I've never looked back. So my advice, throw something together for now. If the hobby sticks splurge for a rugged gear some day.
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    Did you get your information from gun stores? You know that is the center for all intelligent statements and credible information.
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    That's one of the reasons I don't hunt large four-legged critters. I'm too lazy!
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    The job of using a splitter is best left to teenagers. I could watch them do that all day.
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    Yep! The Bobcat and that it is ridiculously small Moi! Surely you jest. We didn't have snow last night and I was able to get out of the gravel drive this morning to go to an 8:00 am appointment. So, who needs a paved drive. When I got home, Hubby yelled up the hill that he didn't think I'd make it up that hill. It is really steep at the top. Harrumph! I didn't start driving yesterday. I didn't say that. He and someone else are down the drive running chain saws. I think it may be a neighbor who came up on his ATV as I didn't see any vehicles. Hubby is incorrigible. He should not be using chain saws, yet he does. He refuses to hire work done when he THINKS he can do it himself.
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    not sure about laces , but I put helium in my heals and soles to be lighter on my feet!
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