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    No, not the kind you shoot at. This target is harder. Watching a couple of the grandkids tonight. I given her a bottle many times but this was my first time feeding my 6 month old granddaughter with a spoon. Wow, talk about a moving target and this one has 6 foot long arms trying to grab the spoon. I actually got at least 95% actually inside her. She does like her carrots.
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    Left, 35th Infantry (Santa Fe) Division. France,1917-18 . Right, 1st Special Service Force (Devil's Brigade). 1942-45, Aleutian Campaign, Italy, Southern France
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    A two, a Sacagawea, a Susan B. and a couple of gold presidents, and see if you get change back.
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    Howdy, Please Please please go in there again and hand him a fiver and a half dollar coin. You should be aware his head might ezplode. Best CR
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    Yul, I knew a piano tuner that DID wear a hearing aid in one ear and he did a great job!! He also had a finger missing on his right hand! A nine fingered piano tuner with a hearing aid!!! Imagine that!!
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    Shooting and moving is not making CAS into W3G. We shot on the move with no issues back in the day, that is until the safety police decided it wasn't safe. The people that are unsafe moving and shooting are also likely borderline unsafe without movement. A big step forward would be to eliminate the basketball rule. I'll go out on a limb and say almost everyone can take a step or two without being unsafe.l
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    Matt arrest 2 drunks. Next morning Chester feeds em their breakfast and one of them sniffs the plate and says: What kind of breakfast do you call that? Chester sez: Its jailbird breakfast. The other drunk sez: Your smart aint cha? Chester sez: I'm smart enough to be on this side of the bars and not in there. ..........Widder
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    So yesterday I drove by a Hardee’s and got a hankering for breakfast. I loves me their biscuits like nobody’s business! Anyway, the bill came to $5.25, and I gave the cashier one five-dollar bill and one quarter. He took the currency and coin in each hand, ciphered on them a moment or three, then his multi-piercing lips started to grin before saying... “I’m so glad for exact change. That way I don’t have to think.” Face. Palm. Shake. Head.
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    Just thought I would share.
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    And remember, if you see one who has a buddy that resembles a moose, ya might wanna give 'im a pass.
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    I'm worse with tools than I am with nuts and bolts.
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    Howdy DLW. Is there a number in which I can call you? 1st question: The chamfer varies depending upon the seriousness of the problem. Of the dozens of Marlins I have worked on, only about a dozen had a problem feeding ammo thru the loading gate and having rims catch at the portal entrance. 2nd question (how deep to chamfer): normally, I can accomplish the job with a 1/8" or 3/16" chamfer into the portal area. If you can call, I will gladly share a good technique to do the chamfer without messing up anything else. CAUTION: I would not chamber the complete circumference of that portal. If you enlarge the upper area, you could be in danger of allowing the rim of subsequent rounds to pop out over the carrier edge, which will give you the same results as the 'Marlin Jam' problem. Remember, its the front portion of the carrier and its front wings that stop rims in the portal from feeding out until proper cycling of the action allow it. If you change the front of the carrier OR the size of that portal in the wrong area, you could create more problems and not solve any. If you want to call me, feel free. I'm retired and can talk most anytime. 865 / 696-1996 P.S. - I didn't think too many folks ever read my post..... Thanks. ..........Widder
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    Treat her right. I could be a matter of time before she ends up feeding you.
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    Klassic Lazer Works (Tazz) can do much more than checkering if you want.
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    Definitely not a clean match.
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    We're not going to attract young people to CAS--by which I mean the game as we know it. We would have to turn it into something we don't recognize. Yeah, I know, I'm being negative, but I'm right. They couldn't care less. Attracting young shooters is a fantasy that we should abandon, and concentrate on older people who have the means and the desire to get into it. Kids shoot when it is cool to hang out with mom and dad or grandma and grandpa. After that, forget it.
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    That identical thing happened to me I was 16 years old 300 miles from home on interstate 64 mile marker 80 sitting along the interstate with a dumb look on my face and $17 in my pocket parents unaware I was going to Indiana chasing a girl I'd met that summer. Small block Chevrolet center bottom plate screw on a two-barrel carburetor went through the intake and through the valve and cracked the head and left a mark on top of the piston. Chasing that girl was the best thing I ever did after 30 years I wouldn't know what to do without her
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    Holy Cow! You’re right. In that case it definitely needs a Key-mod fire starter attachment and perhaps a 500 lumen light with a remote switch.
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    Hubby is a retired (disabled) electrician. He has a degree in Industrial Technology, Automotive Concentration, back when that was a "thing" in the 1970s and is rather obsolete today. However, he can fix almost anything electrica;. I've lost track of the machines, like washer, dryer, AC, heater... that he has prolonged the life of and saved us money. Not to mention making spindles, moldings, handrails, hanging/taping sheetrock, plumbing... in our Victorian home. Despite his neuropathy, he bought job-specific tools and saved us $16K on our new house by putting on the siding (hardi-board) himself. About me, my last job was as a systems software tester/analyst. I think I could still find a job in that area.
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    They must have heard that Dantankerous was coming to replace his mags so they locked the door, dropped the blinds, pulled the phone out of the wall and snuck out the back.
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    So what? W3G has some good 'thoughts' that could be incorporated within SASS stages. This in turn, may draw more folks to join. Giving the shooter the choice is a good thing. One way only, is not the best........ What is wrong with having a choice? Respectfully, OLG
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    Legal except in classic cowboy. I make thousands of 9mm per week commercially and am considering getting two cylinders for my main match Vaqueros, mostly just cause I can.
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    This did not cheer me up at all …………
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    and yet, still cant carve the turkey properly
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    Speaking of drunks and comebacks, An old boss of mine told me how when he was young he was out driving with his girlfriend one evening, and since he was a bit plastered he had a hard time staying on the road. Eventually the car ended up where it was destined to, a deep ditch on the side of the road. A tow truck was called, and as the operator was trying to winch the car out he warned my boss that the vehicle might get damaged when he pulled it out. My boss wasn't too pleased, and growled "any halfway competent tow truck operator would be able to pull this out without damaging it". The operator replied, "well any halfway competent driver wouldn't have ended up in the ditch in the first place!".
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    You need a Marine, but they might have a bar fight.
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    Does that mean you're supposed to just pee over the side?
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    Does this mean coyotes can no longer hunt in packs? Someone better tell them pesky critters!
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    I shoot one for Classic Cowboy and really like it. Holding up to my use so far anyway.
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    You can always judge the effectiveness of your attack from the screams of your enemy. Long live the NRA!!! SCJ
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    That's nothing. In my auto shop class back in the 1980s the teacher showed us a head off a small block Chevy where the mechanic removed it from the engine despite forgetting to remove the short outboard bolts. When he got frustrated wondering why it wouldn't come off he used a large pry bar. Well he finally got it off... well, most of it anyway. The rest of it was left behind on the block! .
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    The Red dot is on top of the scope.
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    A red dot sight would be much better for this application...I swear, this has Mall Ninja written all over it!
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    And I'll buy round 2.
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    This may be my favorite Hickok 45 episode. Advice for those who need a gun for riding shotgun; priceless!
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    I am already counting the days. For one it will be much warmer than now and I have found I really dont enjoy the cold as much as I once did. This will be a good one and I for one can not wait. Bring on the spring and KY State.
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    the North East region is by it's design terrible, I know that it was voted on, but the choices stunk. Guns of august, IE Big Irons is as far as you can get from the northeastern states, and vice versa... just my 2 cents,,,, I see this being a problem until it is reconfigured...
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    I think that W3G, IDPA, IPSC, Bulls Eye, all have some really neat ideas, and can be a lot of fun. I say go for it. If you want to do what they do, then go do it. Remember that CAS was started for one main reason...…. TO GET AWAY FROM WHAT THOSE ORGANIZATIONS ARE DOING. SASS grew by leaps and bounds because so many people that DID NOT want to play those games found a place that was not intimidating. It was based on just having fun and was friendly to folks that were just your everyday person, with very little shooting skill. As long as they were safe they were welcome and they were able to participate without any pressure. Yes, this game is indeed loosing some of it's numbers because of our aging membership, but if those things that the other shooting game do were to be added to our wonderful game, I think that it would die overnight because the a good many of the members would stop attending matches that allowed such things. They would attend matches that stayed true to what we are. Clubs like ours. I don't think that it will be any real problem because nobody is going to turn this game into another run and gun shooting sport. There are already plenty of those games around and they are riding a high right now and flourishing. I'm happy for them. We work very well with our IPSC neighbors, and have for the past 25 yrs. They do what they do and we do what we do. It works out very well for both of us.
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    I can relate to this kid. School was boring and the teachers didn't give a hoot. Schools are focused on the top 10% and the bottom 20%. The rest are left to their own devices. I struggled with Geometry. Algebra was miserable but when I got to 3rd year math (pre-calculus?) I did pretty well. Statistics in college, the professor gave me just enough of a passing grade so I could move on and not darken his door again. He was poor instructor and I hated that class. Once I made the connection between math and its application, then things started to click. Once I got the click, I could move right along. Circles, triangles, quadrahedrons, area, circumference, volume, percentages, mark ups, mark downs. It took a while. I developed a fear of numbers. One reason I didn't go into engineering. Now I have people and calculators that do that for me. My father threatened me with military school because I lacked motivation. That only made me less interested. I'm not a type A personality, like the rest of my siblings and he likes that. I never had a warm and fuzzy relationship with him. He sounds like a good kid. Make sure he knows that you believe in him and that he has great value. He will figure it out.
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    That ain't racial, it's culturalist. Like my new impala has a Mafia-rated seven body trunk. My Sicilian friend told me so.
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    I wish our schools did a better job of teaching the trades. Here they did away with woodshop, metals and electronics. They have a vocational school but they only recommend it for the "trouble" kids. We will always need these skills. It's a shame.
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    A 1911 is like any other semi-auto handgun in that it won't run well with cheap magazines. And yet it's amazing how folks refuse to pay $30 for quality mags and then complain that their 1911 jams when they're running $10 mags bought on CDNN. Most other factory semi-auto mags from HK, Walther, etc run $30-$40 so that's really the going rate if you expect to have decent mags that hold up with use. Lawman Mark is correct, get some Tripp mags or equivalent and watch most of your 1911 functioning issues go away.
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    You must take you meds, 1hr before post'n......... OLG
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