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    This post is a "retro"... 'bout a fella I liked a lot. This fella... he was a great guy... good contributor to this site. The day he passed... I kinda went nuts... knowin' that LL was gone... and Osama Bin Laden... was still alive at the time. That just infuriated me... simulaneously saddened me... and then I went and got drunk. I loved this guy... a really fine fella.
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    I haven't been on the wire long enough to know if Hondo was ever on it, but I posseed up with him at Cajon last week and what a great pard to have on your posse. He's a real low SASS # also and he shoots 1st generation SAA's and original Winchester 73 all in 38-40 along with a hammered Remington SxS. Very interesting fellow to visit with.
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    Hey Lumpy. Someone recently asked me about Harvey. So, I emailed Bad Bascomb. He said Harvey had a heart attack a few years ago and hasn't shot since. He's back at work but cutting back on his activities. I see IROT's posts almost daily on FB. Regards, Allie
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    Howdy, A work of art. I in no way need one but it would look fine sitting in my front room or most anywhere. Is there a spot for bourbon. perchance? Best CR
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    I ain't dead yet! Sheesh. Sounds like a Eulogy. I still read the Wire every so often, but you got a whole new crop of people who've been in the game long enough to give great advice that some of us who have to check what body part fell off this morning can keep our traps shut. I hope to get out to a match this spring. Phantom got the heave-ho, huh?
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    Allie Mo pointed me to this thread. I haven't been shooting in quite some time. I developed a palsy in my hands and can't hold a revolver steady any longer. It's apparently genetic. So I've taken to cycling. Mostly Mountain Bike these days. Hope everyone is well.
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