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Liberal at NRA Convention

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Amazing ability to spin information according to one's own beliefs....   no surprise, I suppose...    SB

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I’m not surprised by the “report” at all!!


 I did learn a (new to me) term that is quite catchy!  “Firehose of Falsehoods”. That bunch has some of the slickest writers ever to grace the pages of published media.


My question is, is he a shill for the gun grabbers or does he REALLY believe the garbage he wrote!!


I went so far as to read the comments that followed.  There were a total of eight. Six of them were basically “Atta’ Boy”s from others like him and two from a well known pro Second Amendment scholar who proceeded to quickly debunk much of what the author says.

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I find it interesting that he PAID the NRA to become a member and enter and he ILLEGALLY took pictures since there were signs all around saying it was not permitted.


I find his blatant fabrication (no attempt at the truth) of the Perry incident disturbing.  And interesting that concealed carry was "relatively rare" at the convention, did he check under my shirt???


He had some very strange claims, "Guns used on American streets are often more lethal than their military counterparts." If that was so, the military would adapt them!!! Maybe he meant ammo, but if so, he should be accurate with his reporting.


And, how did I possibly miss the "G-Spot Fire Starting Kit" at the convention???




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