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AI Draws Aircraft

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"As everyone knows, AI will definitely turn against us and destroy all humans within the next couple of years or so. As a result we only have a short window to point out its flaws and laugh at it."




"This is what happens when AI draws “a beautiful American 1940s airliner”. How will it cope with British types? (Brief note on method: the aircraft name and nothing else was typed into two freely available image generation websites, Gencraft and Da Vinci. These are the genuine results)."




Avro Wonkaster



I can’t understand what it’s supposed to be



Something of the night about this one. Quite right too as it is clearly an Avro Lancaster flying over an attractive bucolic landscape. Albeit a Lancaster that has been undeniably improved by the adjustment to three-engined propulsion and a natty new tailplane design that sadly never caught on. The ‘no visible means of support’ tailwheel has a certain je ne sais quoi as does the sanskrit-esque lettering on the fuselage. All in all an intriguing machine to see coming towards you as you attempt to flee Dresden.

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