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Outlaw Bullets Equipment For Sale


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If you ever thought about getting into the bullet making business, now is your chance.
Prices for individual pieces are noted. Total for the entire package is at the bottom.
Magma Bullet Master Mark 8 ($10,000)
  with multi-tap system
  Improved with the Mark 4 sprue tap
This is Magma's newest automatic bullet caster. Priced at $12,000 new from Magma, it comes from Magma needing extensive assembly and not much in the line of instructions although phone support is quite good. Mine is obviously set up and running so you can start casting bullets day one.
The multi-tap system aids in the release of the bullet from the mold by tapping the mold 2 or more times. This is an optional add on.
The Mark 4 sprue tapper was observed to be in a highly superior position to knock sprues off the cutter, so this Mark 8 machine was modified to use the Mark 4 sprue tap position. This resulted in almost no sprues being mixed in with the bullets.
This machine has been modified with wheels on two legs for ease of moving.
It has a newer pot.
This machine can produce 2500-3000 good bullets an hour.
Comes with one set of molds from the list below.
Magma Lube Master ($8,000)
  2 M-A Collators
  Heated pneumatic lube pressure
This machine can produce 4200 sized and lubed bullets per hour.
Mold sets of 8 unless noted ($500 each set of 8, $250 half set of 4)
.38/.357 125gr Truncated Cone
.38/.357 125gr Round Nose Flat Point
.38/.357 157gr Truncated Cone (Proprietary bullet comes with master cherry)
.45 200gr (2 full sets) Round Nose Flat Point
.45 230gr Round Nose
.44-40 200gr Round Nose Flat Point
9mm 115gr (half set of 4) Round Nose
.40/10mm (.38-40) 155gr Round Nose Flat Point
.32 100gr (half set of 4) Truncated Cone
Magma prices new molds at $1100/set of 8
Sizing dies for the luber ($50 each)
.356 (9mm)
Bullet counting scale ($200)
Air connections ($100)
2000# of lead ingots to start you out. ($2500)
Website ($2500)
Take orders and payments online
$22,000 total for whole package
Delivery and set up can be arranged for an additional fee.
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To those asking if I will sell the molds, the answer is yes.

But it has to be after the caster has sold. They will have first right of purchase.


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Having shot thousands of his bullets in several configurations, I can say with certainty that the equipment is top shelf and the seller is one to ride the river with!!

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