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First one in the books!

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Yesterday I umpired my first junior college game, and my partner was an NCAA crew chief.  His job was not only to mentor me, but to provide an evaluation to me and to the boss.  The NCAA in my region uses junior college to select umpires to work at their level, so this is my next stepping stone.  In fact, it's the last stepping stone before I can make the leap into NCAA.  If all goes well, I'll work junior college all this year and next; next year I hope to be put on the NCAA call-up roster (used as a substitute when an umpire gets sick or otherwise has to back out of a game). 


If you've been following on here, I have had some experience working higher level baseball.  Last year I umpired in the Pecos League, an independent minor league that is considered professional baseball even though it is really ghetto.  The players are all former college guys who didn't get a minor league contract.  I also worked in a college summer league, which consists of NCAA players, but it isn't NCAA competition.  Their summer leagues are for-profit and gets the college players more repetitions and more looks by minor league scouts. 


So, I was prepared for the speed of the game.  People who say baseball is slow simply aren't paying attention.  There is SO MUCH happening when the ball isn't flying.  I can't tell you how mentally exhausted I was after one game.  I also had four *very* close plays, and my partner said I nailed them all.  His evaluation of me was stellar. 


Today I have a double header and will be on the plate for the second game.  Wish me skill (I don't need luck; I need skill!).  This happens to be one of the most difficult things I've ever done, but I've never been so excited to watch baseball!

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