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Classy carry guns

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Mine’s a Glock 43. No need to post a pic as it looks like all the others. I think it’s classy because it dispenses everything I put through it without a hiccup and is easier for me to manage than a revolver in DA mode. I can’t shoot the wings off flies with it, but I don’t think I need to worry about them.  ^_^

Lovely pistols shown in this thread!  

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My usual carry gun is a Kahr CW45 with Talon Grip Wrap. Not much for looks, but my "always" gun. But every once in a while, it's nice to carry a classy gun. And yup, 100% reliability is the most important thing.

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13 hours ago, Henry T Harrison said:

It was a gift from my wife 5ad7b22d320c8_BERETTA.edit(3).thumb.JPG.3f89ae7d01793b37a9c62e911593b49a.JPG

I bought that same gun for my wife way back when. Be careful of the roll pin holding in the firing pin.

We were at an indoor range and at about 200 round thru it. Ellie calls me over to her port as her gun won't fire. Quick look, shows the firing pin missing.:blink: I found the firing pin on the floor under a chair behind her port. Damn lucky. Got home and found that the firing pin had cut right thru the roll pin! Replaced it and added an elephant to the grip and it has been on display in our curio cabinet ever since. What if we had stopped shooting one shot before, she'd have been carrying a useless gun with no firing pin! 

I called Beretta to report and they couldn't have cared less.:angry: They did offer to send a new pin for $1.50 for a brand new gun or I could send it back at my expense for a free repair. Told him it was my first Beretta and would be last! Never had any interest in Beretta since. That was back around '96.

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Mostly I carry a Ruger LCP with Hogue grip in a sticky holster in my pocket, second in line is a Kimber Micro 9 with Hogue grip and night sights on my hip and lastly if going to a city, my Colt Officers Model on my hip.

Carried a 5 shot NAA 22mag derringer for years when working in my pocket, being stainless it held up well to sweat and pocket lint! A bear to shoot however and wicked loud!

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