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Lion hunt

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Some time back there was a video of a lion hunt in Africa.  The guide and a couple of others and the hunter spot the cat and the hunter takes his shot.. The cat attacks and is shot at least once more and leaps at the hunter and you can see the cat die in  the air.  I have been searching for that and find scores of hunts with a dozen amateur jackasses stomping around, some others that are so poorly done that you can't tell what happened, and at least two that are fakes..... but not the one with this lion dying in midair.  He is shown very clearly dying trying to get to his attacker.


The people in the one I'm looking for are clearly professionals, the camera is wielded by a seasoned pro, and the hunter stands his ground to the end.


Anyone know the video I'm talking about?

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On 2/26/2023 at 7:21 AM, Sidekick said:


Is this the one?

No.  This is the one where everyone in the entire video is doing everything they can wrong.  You don't hunt  lion with a platoon and go stomping all over the area.


The one I'm looking for had four or five people in it.  They find an unwounded lion and the whole thing takes less than  a minute.  The hunter takes the shot and the whole thing is over.  I think three shots were fired total, one by the hunter, one by the pro and a last one again by the hunter.


And the camera work was very superior to this kindergarten thing.

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