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A note from Brett at American Pioneer Powder

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This was in my inbox this morning -- Thought some of you might be able to take advantage of this.


American Pioneer Powder Reminder - Order Now to Save Approximately $25 Per Case - Expires 1/4/23
Happy New Years!
If want to save $25 per case on your American Pioneer Powder for the upcoming season and insure availability of powder when you need it, please order now.  A price increase of $25 per case will become effect on Thursday 1/5/23.  With fertilizer shortages (potassium nitrate) caused by the war in the Ukraine, it is likely there could be an additional price increase this year and that there could be shortages as well.
To order before the 2023 price increase, please call me at 954-415-8229.
Best Regards,
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I am the SASS REP for APP. Brett, the owner of APP, sends direct emails to his “long time customers” from time to time - this being one.  These emails, again, sent to a few of Brett’s long time cowboy customers, make it to the wire.  The implication is that there may be a shortage of APP however, at the moment, there is an ample supply of powder.


I am offering, until January 13 (a week from Friday), any case quantities of APP at 2022 prices. No LIMITS.


I apologize for the confusion… I will see y’all at EOT! I’ll be smoking it up with APP defending my LFCGF world championship!  I am also committed to shooting EVERY State and above 2023 match I attend exclusively with APP! 

Great big smoky hugs!





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