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Rogers and Spencer - video of the ugly duck on Black Powder Friday 22

Warden Callaway

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They are just archive crazy around here.  I was going to add this to the topic from before but it's already gone.


Anyway,  I got around to shooting my Rogers and Spencer on Black Powder Friday.  I've not shot it in a match.  I'm so clumsy with it.  May just take it and shoot one stage just to say I did.




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Very similar to the Spiller & Burr, which was a Confederate copy of the Whitney Navy, both .36 caliber. The Rogers & Spencer (at least the replica) was in .44 caliber.  Spiller & Burr replica is the most accurate cap & ball revolver I've ever fired.  Used a .380" ball.

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A very interesting gun.   Like the 58 Remington, you can quick change the cylinders if you want to.   And, they are rather easy to cartridge convert.



The hammer is "strange" in some ways.  To me, it almost feels like you are pulling the hammer straight back and not rotating it back and downwards.

The conversion is .45 Colt.  I have fired it a few times, but I've never used it in a match, yet.

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