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Cowboy Action Shooting Gun Cart

Hawk Eyes Hudson

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On 9/8/2022 at 8:45 PM, Abilene, SASS # 27489 said:

Hawk Eyes, I would suggest to not be too quick to "ignore" certain folks.  On the Wire, there is lots of hijacking and lots of opinions, and you might miss out on some good info.  On the other hand, after you've been here a while, feel free to ignore "repeat offenders".  :)


BTW, you might want to include a ramp for easier loading into your truck or van. 

Hey Abilene,

Good Idea, and I Did!



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My first cart is a large wooden war wagon, 7 long guns, strongbox for 4 pistols, ammo, drinks and lots more stuff. I cut off 5” of the base length after the first match. Still use it if my daughter brings a friend to shoot and we have three shooters.

My corral of carts has grown over the years to six. 4 wooden and 2 Rugged Gear carts. They carry 2-4 long guns. Each has advantages and disadvantages. I choose the cart for the match depending on number of shooters and guns I want to take, the weather is a factor too.


You have a good start, modifications can be made over time as you find things that need to be altered. Wood construction is easily modified.  My feedback would be to consider your axle placement for balance and stability. 





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