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Old Fort Parker - Defend the Fort

Possum Skinner, SASS#60697

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The Old Fort Parker Patriots did a FANTASTIC job putting on their annual match!  The targets were big.  They were close.  The scenarios were simple, fun and FAST!

  This is truly the perfect venue for a CAS match and Sarah and the gang do everything they can to make everyone feel welcome.  Even the weather was great!

  If you’ve never been to the fort, you are missing out.


Thank you to all involved,


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I also enjoyed the match.  One thing that really stood up to me was how the stage writer did not try to make it a “let’s see how athletic” you are type of match.  Yes there was movement but most was short distance.  Steps up to the stages were very accommodating for those of us with leg issues.  Simplicity of stages made it a pleasure to enjoy the shooting rather than fret over the possibility of getting a P cause of complexity.  Possum Skinner’s comments are spot on.

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For scores go to the website, oldfortparkerpatriots.weebly.com and go to the scores tab.  Then look under monthly where it says something like clean shooters but it is all.  Top Cowboy was Still Smokin and Top Lady was Wild Wendy!

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I hated to miss the DOFP match this year. One of my favorite places to shoot. The history is very interesting. Shooting LR from the blockhouse is a treat. And the banquet in the fort is different! 

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