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1873 or 1866 and best caliber for Blackpowder?

Caladisi kid

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Ok I run them in a 66 and in Uberti Cattlemen with 5.5 inch barrels ,,, I open up the action to check for lube and the need for cleaning every couple of years .

Mostly I just clean the barrel on the 66 spray and wipe-down the lifter and bolt then wipe-down the rest with Ballistol, to tell you the truth Dust is a bigger concern that fouling ...


Jabez Cowboy

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All my cowboy rifles but one is in .44WCF the one is a Marlin in .45 Colt.  I have shot black powder in all for many years.  The Marlin would run any two day match but was very dirty if not cleaned after each day.  I started annealing the Colt cases (Star-Line) and it started shooting close to the .44 for clean chambers and action.  My ASM Schofield even shots longer with the annealed cases but still locks up if the bullet isn't heavy lubed.


I would tell you get a .45 Colt rifle if you shoot .45 unless you are looking for a good reason to get some new pistols also then it is "Dear, I'm shooting black powder and my pistols need to shoot like my rifle.  May I buy a new set and not get that new 99" TV."

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