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Wtb .410 for buckarette.

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 Our daughter needs a .410.   We have tried the 12 ga route but she is just too small to lift them, even after we bobbed the barrel and stock.   The single shot she had been using is a family heirloom so I don't want to chop it up for sass. 

   She wants a sxs, but a single shot would work too. 



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I have a Stoeger Uplander with action work and about 2 1/2 inches off the stock.  This gun is like new.  Also have a Mec reloader.  $400.00 for the gun plus shipping.

Dale Loyd


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Evil, check out the Academy sports Yildiz 410 $479 new easy to lighten springs and action,  great little gun, Rosewood shot one at EOT last week no issues, Use .Magtech .410 all brass or .444 marlin brass, i load 6gr red dot and 1/2 oz shot and seal with a car & water glass (sodium Silicate) what pistols is she shooting? Call Boomstick for his Ruger Bearcat shopkeepers. Send me a phone # and ill send pic's. 

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Found one thanks everybody

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